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Antioxidants | Why do we need them for our Skin?

Do you know free radicals aka unstable molecules in the environment damage our DNA, cell membranes, and other parts of cells? Free radicals are unstable and highly reactive molecules that steal electrons from other sources and damage those molecules in the process. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals by donating some of their own electrons. We can’t really escape from free radicals. Our body generates free radicals in response to air pollution, UV rays, etc. However, there is a delicate balance between free radicals and antioxidants that are naturally made in the skin. When that balance is lost, things like premature aging of the skin occurs. This can also lead to hyperpigmentation, acne, skin inflammation, skin sensitivity, as well as skin cancers. This is where antioxidants in skincare play an important role.

Strivectin Retinol Night Oil - Ms Tantrum Blog

The ULTIMATE retinol oil for all skin types

When we talk about Retinol, some people think it as Heavy Duty Industrial Strength skincare ingredient. I agree it can be little scary to use with possible side-effects like peeling of skin and high sensitivity at first but the long – term benefits make it worth trying. However, with advanced technology and better choice of ingredients, companies are continuously researching to get better formulations and one such amazing formulation is from StriVectin. The brand has nailed their Retinol formulation in the form of an oil which actually helps to reduce skin sensitivity as well and is perfect to use on sensitive skin.