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Chanel Coco Moisturizing Body Lotion review

Coco Chanel Moisturizing Body Lotion | My thoughts

Gabrielle Chanel cultivated the art of paradox. The woman behind an understated, pared-down style that revolutionized women’s fashion, she was equally fond of the baroque style, which inspired the decor of her apartment on rue Cambon and her Byzantine jewellery collections. The Coco fragrance, true to her nickname, reveals the whimsical, radiant facet of her …

Inglot Freedom System eyeshadow pans | First impressions & swatches on

Inglot freedom system Eyeshadows | First Impressions

  If we are friends on Instagram, you probably know my sister sent me a box of goodies from India recently which had these beautiful Inglot freedom system eyeshadow pans as well. About a month ago, she asked me what shades i would recommend her and all IĀ could think of was golds and rusty reddish …