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Top 5 products for congestion-free skin

Top 5 for Congestion-Free Skin

Congested pores, dull complexion, uneven skin, whiteheads and blackheads are actually signs of clogged skin and it does not happen only on young people but also on adults. Blackheads are actually small plugs that seal the pores and are made of oils, dead cells and sebum. Due to exposure to the air, the plug darkens …

nudi clay mask first impression

First impressions | nudi coconut and clay mask

Hello Loves, Hope you’re well. If you’re following me on instagram, then you might be aware that I tested the Coconut and Clay mask sent out to me by Nudi (@Nudilife on Instagram) recently. Nudi is a new skincare company based in the UK and is completely cruelty free and vegan friendly. ┬áNudi uses the …