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Perricone MD's No Lipstick Lipsticks | Ms Tantrum Blog

No Lipstick Lipsticks from Perricone MD | NEW Shades

Perricone MD not only does brilliant skincare but they have some of the best makeup for those who prefer no-makeup makeup look. On most days specially for school runs or when I am not going for a dressed-up event, I love the look of ‘my lips but better’ kind of shades on my lips. I have been a fan of Perricone MD’s No Lipstick Lipsticks since I tried these couple of years ago. These skincare infused lipsticks offer benefits of a nourishing lip balm while providing pigment of a lipstick. This lipstick moisturizes the lips with natural-looking color as it visibly improves firmness, smoothness, and definition over time.