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Sun Allergy? Here’s how to control it!

Sun Allergy or Photosensitivity (the medical term is Polymorphous Light Eruption) is our immune system’s reaction to sunlight. This allergy causes an itchy rash or hives that appear on any skin that has been exposed to the sun even for just a few minutes. This condition can also be triggered by exposure to artificial ultraviolet rays. That itchy or burning rash appears within hours or up to 2 to 3 days after exposure to sunlight and lasts for up to 2 weeks. But it heals without scarring. The rash can appear on the head, neck, chest, and arms as these are the parts that are usually exposed to the sun. The face is not always affected.

Skin Health Edit | Beauty Expert

Our skin changes with the change in weather and other factors like pollution, blue light, UV rays and more. This Autumn Beauty Expert decided to investigate how everyday life can affect your skin. BE has curated a selection of skin protecting products that will protect your complexion against the environment this Autumn. The selection also includes …