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Yu Parfums - Ms Tantrum Blog

Create a Fragrance Library with Yú Parfums

Let me introduce you to a new fragrance house – Yú Parfums with minimalistic, gender-neutral, linear, and clean compositions. Yú Parfums creates bi-monthly gender-neutral scent editions containing three fragrance chapters, providing fragrance aficionados with the opportunity to discover a fragrance library. Of course, a full-size bottle is also available to purchase from the website for a limited period. This Spring, Yú Parfums has released edition III which has formulations loaded with musks needing the warmth of the skin to bloom.

iho - Nakuna Helsinki Review

Clean Skin but a Kinky Mind…iho

Nakuna is the Finnish word for naked, and iho means “skin”. IHO IS INSPIRED by the Finnish people, whose nature is the strangest mix of shyness, introversion, and boldness. People who barely say Hello to a neighbor but are willing to bathe naked with total strangers. iho is all about clean skin and a dirty mind…think crisp white sheets and silk lingerie 🙂 .