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Best of Brows with Hourglass Cosmetics

Brows frame our face shape, and that is the reason why our face looks lifted when we get our eyebrows threaded/waxed. I am blessed to have naturally thick brows, and thankfully I didn’t go with the thin line brows trend a few years back. Having said that, I do need to use brow products to fill any sparse areas and to make my brows look like sisters if not twins. My thick bushy brows also need a bit of gel to keep them in place and I must admit that I have not used any other brow product than Hourglass Cosmetics past few months. I have been using the Brow Sculpting Pencil since summer and been loving it so much and recently the new Arch Brow Micro-Sculpting Pencil also joined the Brow army!

Clean Reserve Sel Sental Eau de Parfum Review

Clean originally launched in 2003 and has built a loyal following for its eco-friendly perfumes, home scents, body and haircare. Clean Reserve is a new collection of fragrances from the creators of Clean. Created with responsibly sourced ingredients and eco-conscious manufacturing and packaging. The culmination of a unique, creative collaboration with three of the world’s top …

Becca x Chrissy Vs Becca x Jaclyn Palette

Becca x Chrissy Vs Becca x Jaclyn Face Palette

Another month and another hot palette but when it is from Becca Cosmetics, its definitely hard to resist! Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow Face Palette was a big hit last year and matching up to that level was not easy. This year Becca collaborated with Chrissy Teigen and boy oh boy, this palette is not less than …

October Favorites

October Obsessions

Its quite evident from the title that I am going to talk about monthly favorites in this post today. October has been super busy with days getting shorter and we had been affected by bug so cold, cough and temperature during first half of the month for myself, son and dear hubby. Glad we are …