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Wedding guest skin prep

Wedding Guest Skin Prep

Attending an event or a wedding can be daunting if your skin is not prepped for that. Today I am sharing some of my tested products that help me achieve beautiful skin before any major event. I do like to prep my skin a night before so I have enough time on the day of …

Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color

Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color Pencils

Eyeshadow sticks and crayons have been very popular lately. Most makeup brands have released their own version of eye crayons. Some are being marketed as kajal sticks while others are sold as eyeshadow crayons. I was kindly sent a Christmas Hamper by Urban Outfitters which included this *Nudestix  Love #GiltyNight eye color pencil set | …

Urban Outfitters - last minute gift guide

Last minute gifts sorted, Drum roll please!

Christmas is round the corner and while most of you must have already decided on what presents you will be buying for your loved ones, others might still be confused and looking for unique gifts. If you are struggling to tick the last person off your list, you’re reading THE ultimate article 🙂 Urban Outfitters has …