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The ULTIMATE retinol oil for all skin types

When we talk about Retinol, some people think it as Heavy Duty Industrial Strength skincare ingredient. I agree it can be little scary to use with possible side-effects like peeling of skin and high sensitivity at first but the long – term benefits make it worth trying. However, with advanced technology and better choice of ingredients, companies are continuously researching to get better formulations and one such amazing formulation is from StriVectin. The brand has nailed their Retinol formulation in the form of an oil which actually helps to reduce skin sensitivity as well and is perfect to use on sensitive skin.

Murad city skin overnight detox moisturizer review on

Murad Skincare City Skin Detox Moisturizer

This breakthrough moisturizer detoxes your skin from pollutants that accumulate during the day and combats signs of aging:

Super-charged antioxidants from the Marrubium Plant neutralize toxins while optimizing skin’s natural repair and defense system.
A concentrated form of Vitamin C helps fight signs of aging by brightening skin, evening tone, and helping correct sun damage.
A botanical blend of Sunflower, Cucumber, and Barley nourishes skin’s moisture barrier to reverse pollution related dehydration, restore youthful texture, and smooth lines and wrinkles.

Products I’ve been testing |Thoughts so far!

Everyone loves testing out new products and I am no exception! While some of these might be fairly new in the beauty world, others have been raved about for ages and I just never got chance to test them out. This is the lot that I have been testing for quite some time and now …

Merumaya Retinol Resurfacing Treatment

Merumaya Retinol Resurfacing Treatment

#Beautyhasnoage …well clearly!!! When I see photos of Maleka Dattu (Creator of Merumaya), I find her ageing gracefully and looking beautiful day by day. I was sure her skincare line had secrets to wonderful skin so I had to try some of her products. *Retinol Resurfacing Treatment | £33.50 for 30ml was recently launched by …