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Everyone loves testing out new products and I am no exception! While some of these might be fairly new in the beauty world, others have been raved about for ages and I just never got chance to test them out. This is the lot that I have been testing for quite some time and now think its the time to share my opinions. Grab a cuppa or your favourite drink as this is gling to be a long one :).

Honestly I added this to my basket just because I wanted to fulfill the free shipping criteria, haha I’m sure I’m not the only one who hates paying for shipping! I am so glad I tried this as this is the most gentle and loveliest cleansing milk I have ever tried. This is suitable for all skin types (from oily to very dry). This is a velvety cleansing milk formula that effectively removes makeup and cleanses the skin. This cleanser is formulated with sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, extracts of sunflower & oat. This is Hypo-Allergenic and Non-comedogenic. This cleans the skin so well without drying and is suitable for eyes as well. I have used this even on days when my skin is slightly sensitive. I can’t wait to buy another bottle.

I was sent some Blanx Teeth whitening products couple of weeks back and while I am still testing some of them, I think I can finally share my thoughts on this one. This toothpaste is one from the lot that I definitely like a lot. This comes in a dispenser and is a complete dental care toothpaste with Arctic Lichen for natural whitening. This cleans my teeth so well, lifts up any stains and doesn’t make my teeth or gums sensitive. I think teeth sensitivity is one thing that is really an issue with most teeth whitening products. This toothpaste is great for daily use and definitely has made my teeth whiter. I need to use this more for a brighter smile. I recommend trying this one.


This dry skin care cream is actually an intensive lotion that is ideal for smoothing dry, rough skin – especially on elbows, hands and feet. This lotion is made with a powerful blend of ceramides, Vitamin E and moisture-balancing Gripin. This absorbs really fast and smells incredible. This has a blend of lavender, rosemary and amyris oils makes it smell amazing and very calming to skin as well as senses. This lotion acts as a barrier from dry weather. I love the packaging too as it is travel-friendly.

This is not a new product and has been loved by so many beauty enthusiasts for ages. I was not sure if I would like this specially because my skin is more on dry side and secondly the price is quite eye-watering for just a tiny pot. The struggle to find a right match online was also a reason why I didnot invested in this tiny little pot of perfection earlier. This is a pure pigment which is quite thick so you really need just a tiny bit. This little pot will last you ages even if you use it every single day. I do not use this on its own as its quite thick and hard for me to work with so I like mixing it with a drop of oil if I want it to use as foundation. However, if I want to use this to cover my dark circles, I mix this with a concealer. I recommend trying this in store as getting a right match based on shades / swatches online can be a gamble.

IMG_ m8103.jpg

The team at T&HK Australia reached out to me on Instagram and sent two products for me to try. This prestige cream was one of them. I loved the luxurious box packaging it comes in and the pot itself is very luxurious but tiny for the bulky packaging. This cream is meant for acne and blemishes. I donot have acne or or blemishes on my face but I do have spots from Keratosis Pilaris on my arms and upper back. There are no bumps as such so I thought I could give this a try if it works to fade away marks. After trying this for few months, I noticed there is a slight improvement (not huge) in fading the marks but I feel I could get same results from any other product (lets say Bio Oil) that claims to reduce marks and can be easily available in the UK. This has got mixed reviews from my side.


This makeup sponge is not just a makeup sponge, its is a revolutionary product in makeup application. This has changed my makeup game. My foundation looks so seamless and natural that I do not see myself going back to my other makeup sponge. This can also be used to apply moisturiser or primer. I use this to apply cushion blushes or cream blushes and highlighters too. You just need to stipple the damp beauty blender to blend the product on skin and you’ll get perfect finish without any streaks or lines. This is not just for foundation but can be used for various products. This is a winner!

This micro mini beauty blender comes in a set of two and is great for blending or setting concealer under eyes. This is also great to blend foundation around nose for flawless application. This is essential for the areas where the normal beauty blender cannot reach. The unique suede texture is sensual to touch while the curves fit the contours of the face. This is a latex-free sponge and is non-allergenic and odour-free.


  • Mahogany Naturals Bronzer – Traces of Bronze* | £35

I planned to feature this bronzer in a separate post which I will do eventually but I couldn’t resist myself so I thought why not mention this as I have been loving it lately.

Mahogany Naturals has been getting popularity for its amazing skincare products but the brand has recently started a cruelty-free makeup line as well. I was kindly gifted one of the bronzers to try when I met Tope Beesley #BossLady at Mahogany Naturals for a complimentary Facial, hair treatment, cut & styling. Here is my post if you fancy checking.


This bronzer is so finely milled that it just melts into skin. The texture is soft and buttery and blends so easily. This is super pigmented so you don’t need much. The shade Traces of bronze has just right amount of warmth with golden sheen to make you look like golden goddess and not disco ball. The bronzer is perfect for my medium skintone and can be used as a highlighter for deeper complexions. This is just one of the most beautiful bronzers I have. I am definitely taking this to my holiday next week.


I got to know about Freeze 24*7 skincare brand when I read about it in an article on Daily Mail and the brand was compared to Botox. This obviously speaks volume and the brand stood out to me. I received one sample of their eye cream earlier in Lip Monthly subscription bag. If you see my Instagram photos from last year, you might spot one of their eye serum. I used to love that..may be Freeze 24*7 saw my account on IG when I tagged them. They contacted me couple of months back and kindly offered me to try their products and I gladly said yes, thank you, haha!

They quickly sent a package from the US and one of the cream was Arctic Lift Firming Neck Lift* | $95 and I wasn’t keen on trying this. I’m in my early 30s and my neck is still firm but dear husband wanted to try so why not! He has been using this as anti-ageing cream and loving it. He gets tension lines on forehead which are quite visible even when he is relaxed. I am assuming these are signs of ageing and would be called wrinkles. He has been using this cream for quite some time now and has been loving it. The difference is noticeable on his skin. This cream has also helped him with dryness. This cream acts as a barrier from harsh weather and his skin seems so much better lately. I see myself buying this cream when we run out. I wanted to share his before and after photo but my Man doesn’t like to be on Social Media so sorry peeps! If you don’t mind spending money on skincare and anti-ageing products, this is worth trying!

They also sent some other products and my reviews will follow soon. I think I will do a separate post on just these products as the brand should get some acknowledgement. I just could not hold myself as dear husband is so happy to try this.


These soaps smell like summer- seriously its a punch of awakening citrus that instantly lifts up the mood. The fragrance is so enlivening that it will keep you feeling fresh all day. These are made in England and are 100% triple-milled vegetable soap. I have the full size oval bath soap in my bathroom as well as these tiny Heart shaped 20gm ones (saved for later) that come in a set of three and are perfect as guest soaps or as gift. The packaging is so pretty and luxurious. I have a long wishlist from this brand and I can’t wait to place am order soon.


Everyone loves the OUAI so I don’t need to convince you on how good it is! If you use any kind of heat or styling products or if your hair lack lustre due to harsh weather and need some repair, you need the repair kit by the OUAI. This kit comes with a Repair Shampoo 50ml, Repair Conditioner 50ml, A Treatment masque 30ml and some hair ties. I always lose my hair ties so keeping these in my travel kit for emergencies. The trio of Repair shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask is formulated to restore moisture and strengthen the hair shaft for smoother, healthier-looking strands after just one use. The products are free from parabens and were not tested on animals. These products also come in full size (Shampoo & Conditioner in full size and masque comes as a pack of 8) if you want to buy individually but this travel size kit is great if you first want to try the brand before investing in full size or if you already love the brand and want to keep these for your travels obviously!

  • Dr. Lewinn’s ReNUNAIL Nail Strengthener* | £17.50 for 30ml

This is the first Nail strengthener that I actually loved. This eliminates peeling, flaking, chipping while promoting stronger, longer & healthier looking nails. This treatment hardens and protect natural nails. You see the results after first use. This is a 28 day treatment and is fortified with calcium and restores nails damaged from Nail extensions. I am really pleased with the results and see myself buying this when I run out.

Until next time..

Ash xo

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Products marked with * were kindly sent to me as PR gift but my opinions are genuine and unbiased. 





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  1. Danielle Beautyblog says:

    I absolutely love the Beauty Blender and OUAI Repair range! The bronzer looks gorgeous!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

  2. cocoandchinos says:

    That is fantastic to read about the beauty blender! I purchased one and its at my aunts place, so I’m excited to finally send it over one day and try it out. I love finding great makeup application tools. And that bronzer is gorgeous! So pretty! I loved the swatch you did of it. 😍

  3. That Nail Strengthener is brilliant! I love my Beauty Blender too. Would love to try some Ouai products! xx


    1. Yes, loving this nail strengthener and Beauty blender. Yes you should definitely try some.

  4. Such lovely picks here! I must give that toothpaste a try out! Some others I have tried made my teeth hurt so much!

    Fix Me In Forty Five – A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
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    1. Thank you Stacey. I love this one most from the lot sent out to me for testing.

  5. I love Real techniques sponges but need to try Beauty blender . These soaps look so pretty. I wouldn’t want to use them but keep on my dresser, haha. I need to try Blanx teeth whitening stuff. Never tried OUAI products , shall give them a go as well. I havn’t heard of Freeze 247 but sounds interesting. I love caudalie products too.

    Abi xx

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