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My Top 5 Atelier Colognes

I have tried so many fragrances from Atelier Cologne and have also visited the stunning Boutique at Covent Garden, London. I thought it would make sense to do a buying guide or my top favorites feature from the brand. I asked in a poll on my Instagram Stories if you’d like to see my absolute favorites and I got an overwhelming response so here you go :).

Best of 2019 | Fragrance Edit

Best of Fragrances 2019

If I did Best of Beauty on my blog, there is no chance I’d miss Fragrances. If you’re a regular reader, you’d know how much I love trying new fragrances and I have a good selection as well. Last year I tried a variety of fragrances from affordable to high-end designers as well as Niche brands. These are the fragrances, I have been reaching out for most last year. Some of these were purchased while others were gifted over the past few years.