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Itchy Scalp: Is it dandruff or is your scalp just dry?

Itchy, Flaky scalp is often associated with dandruff but the reality may be different. Your scalp can also be itchy and/or flaky even when it is dry. Dandruff and dry scalp may look similar but both are caused by different conditions. When you look closely, you’ll notice a few characteristics that set them up apart. As similar as these conditions may seem, knowing what characteristics differentiate them, will help you understand how to move forward keeping your scalp condition in mind.

Dry & Irritated Scalp? Got ya covered!

If you are a regular reader or if you follow me on Social Media (here), you would know I have always been a big fan of Sachajuan Shampoos & Conditioners. Normally in summers my scalp is pretty okay but I still like to use clarifying shampoos once a week or anything that not only clears …