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Cozy Comforting scents

Top Cozy Comforting Scents for Cuddling Moments

I absolutely love my bold scents but I have been reaching out more for my comforting scents since early last year when the lockdown started. We all know that certain scents can calm down our anxiety and uplift our mood. Whether it’s a self-care ritual or a special evening with someone special, these mesmerizing scents will comfort your senses and get you some extra cuddles.

Molecule M+ Collection from Escentric Molecules | NEW Launch

In 2006, perfumer Geza Schoen brought a huge change to the perfume world with his introduction of Escentric 01 and Molecule 01. The most minimal fragrance is a single aroma-molecule: Molecule 01 – A love song to minimalism. The next most minimal adds 1 to 01: 01 + 1. This is Molecule+. This time Geza Schoen has added a twist to his bestselling creation Molecule 01 with the addition of another ingredient. I got a chance to attend the launch event with perfumer Geza Schoen from Berlin to learn all about his new babies.

Molecule 01 | Escentric Molecules

Molecule 01 | Escentric Molecules

Escentric Molecules’ ‘Molecule 01’ contains one single ingredient – the aroma chemical ‘Iso E Super’ in its pure and singular form which, on its own, is less of a fragrance than an effect. Traditionally used as a base note that adds subtle woody tones, it will work with your natural scent to create an entirely individual fragrance. The chemistry of Molecule 01 adapts to the wearer and is different for every person. Enticing and unique, there is nothing quite like it.