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SUQQU’s Pre-Summer 2022 Colour Collection

SUQQU is launching a limited edition Pre-Summer 2022 Collection inspired by the shimmering colors of sea glass, scattered across the beach. These beautiful stones gain a cloudy texture from the waves and sea salt. This gives a soft, hazy finish with a gentle wash of color in natural colors of blue, green, red, orange, gray, or white, brought to life with this collection of pearly formulas and playful pastels.

SUQQU Pre-Summer 2021 Collection - Ms Tantrum Blog

SUQQU’s Garden After Rain Pre-Summer Collection [UK Exclusive]

This April, SUQQU Europe is launching the new Pre-Summer Collection 2021 and this collection will be exclusive to UK customers. The collection is inspired by a garden upon the brink of changing seasons, as spring showers fall the emerging summer blooms show their deep, vivid colors contrasting to the raindrops. This collection will consist of the new Signature Color Eyes palettes with gorgeous shades and beautiful textures, the classic Pure color blush, and the popular Vibrant Rich Lipstick.