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SUQQU Designing Massage Cream Yaezakikou Kit

SUQQU Designing Massage Cream Yaezakikou Kit – Limited Edition

Starting this year, indulge yourself in a unique, relaxing ritual of GANKIN for pampered, glowing skin! Premium Japanese Beauty Brand, SUQQU has launched legendary Designing Massage Cream in the brand new, limited-edition scent ‘Yaezakikou’ (Authentic Floral Fragrance) to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2023. With top notes of fresh leaf green, elegant rose, soft sandalwood, and amber, the complex and deep intertwining elements create a natural harmony. The packaging depicts SUQQU’s 20 years of history, one by one, with layers of flower petals. This cream provides a luxurious spa experience in the comfort of your own home. SUQQU has paired it with complementing products that all come in a kit for your best skin ever.


This summer Chantecaille released stunning Oceans Summer Collection 2020 which will take you to deep waters. From the sale of this collection, the philanthropic premium beauty brand – Chantecaille will be supporting WildAid organisation and their work conserving whale sharks, manta rays and other trafficked wild species. The mission of WildAid is to reduce global consumption of marine wildlife, including manta rays.

SUQQU 2019 Spring color collection - New launch | ms tantrum Blog

SUQQU 2019 Spring Color Collection | New Launch

Japanese Premium Beauty Label – SUQQU’s new 2019 spring color collection is all about evocation of the world of light and color with cloud-piercing sunbeams that are bright and gentle. Inspired by a sunbeam piercing through the clouds, SUQQU’s Spring 2019 collection unveils an endless spectrum of colour and light.

Chanel Coco Moisturizing Body Lotion review

Coco Chanel Moisturizing Body Lotion | My thoughts

Gabrielle Chanel cultivated the art of paradox. The woman behind an understated, pared-down style that revolutionized women’s fashion, she was equally fond of the baroque style, which inspired the decor of her apartment on rue Cambon and her Byzantine jewellery collections. The Coco fragrance, true to her nickname, reveals the whimsical, radiant facet of her …