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Adding a Scandi touch to your home

Scandinavian Interior Design is one of the most famous designs in the entire world. The design is all about minimalistic, bright, and aesthetically pleasing pieces. Scandinavians usually stick to cool tones – blues, greens, and greys are popular. Probably due to the fact that the colors around them are naturally cooler due to the cloudy grey weather, stone/mountains, green trees, blue waters etc. Scandinavians don’t have a lot of bright colors or warm tones. If warm colors are used then it’s pretty much always a deep rich tone like burgundy, navy tones etc. Colour schemes like black and white or grey and white are very popular. You can also see light oak tones in Scandi homes.

How to keep your home smelling amazing

The first thing we notice when we walk into anyone’s home is the smell. If it smells pleasant and inviting, you instantly feel relaxed and happy, However, if there’s any awkward smell, you might feel very uncomfortable and uneasy. This applies to our own some as well. You will notice that your mind feels very calm when your home is clean and smells beautiful. This article covers some tips to keep your home smelling its best at all times.