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Managing Atopic Skin Flare-Ups: Tips and Strategies

Managing atopic skin flare-ups demands a holistic approach that incorporates good skincare, lifestyle changes, and preventative measures. Remember that controlling atopic skin flare-ups takes time and effort. To maintain your skin healthy and pleasant, you should adopt a regimen that works for you and make any required lifestyle changes. This article focuses on a few tips and strategies for dealing with atopic skin flare-ups.

Tackling Dry Skin As We Age

Dehydrated skin is the skin lacking moisture or that which has a reduced ability to retain moisture. It can feel dry, tight, or even irritated. It can also look dull and sallow. Fine lines appear more pronounced on dry skin. The problem of dry, easily sensitized skin gets worse as we age and that is due to age-related loss of moisture and our skin becomes less capable of retaining moisture. This leads to a loss of elasticity. A balanced diet, regular moisturization, and following a proper skincare routine can help in keeping our skin healthy and hydrated to a great extent.

Evening skincare routine for Dry skin

Our skincare routines should change with our changing skin as well as season. I have sensitive and dry skin so I do not like to layer a lot of products. I like my routine fairly simple but effective. My skin can be easily sensitized due to harsh products or a messed up routine. Therefore keeping it simple is the key here!


Rescuing my dry, sensitive skin with Avène

I have had combination to oily skin for so many years but when I became pregnant about a few years ago, my hormones changed and my skin shifted towards dry and sometimes really sensitive. After some research, I was directed to Avène – A skincare brand developed especially for dry and sensitive skin! Avène Tolérance …

Tips Tuesday | Rash or Eczema treatment

Tips Tuesday | Rash or Eczema treatment

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I had got an unexpected Rash on my face on Sunday Evening. Surprisingly, I didn’t use any makeup that day nor did i use any new product. My skin was all well until evening and then suddenly a burning sensation and i got an itchy red patch. …