Tips Tuesday | Rash or Eczema treatment

Tips Tuesday | Rash or Eczema treatment

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I had got an unexpected Rash on my face on Sunday Evening. Surprisingly, I didn’t use any makeup that day nor did i use any new product. My skin was all well until evening and then suddenly a burning sensation and i got an itchy red patch. Its crazy sometimes as I do have a sensitive skin which usually react to new products but when I do not use anything on my face and still get a rash is quite confusing!

Anyways, I decided to go light with my evening skincare and didn’t use any of the new cleansers or masks i bought recently. I even applied my old trusty Tea Tree oil after cleansing (just in case the rash developed due to any infection or bacteria)  but it didn’t help. Then just before I went to sleep, I remembered I got a similar red patch just after few days I became Mommy (2.5 yrs back) and I did apply a thin layer of Sudocrem (Yessss! A Nappy rash cream ) on my face and the rash cleared in less than 30 mins. So, who could stop me this time? I straight away applied a thin layer of Sudocrem from that little tub of goodness on to my cheek. The burning sensation went straight away and Bamm my skin was all clear with no signs of rash what so ever within few minutes! If you google about Sudocrem or Rashes on face, you might come across some other people recommending this. I hope my fellow mommy readers or bloggers might agree with this weird but helpful tip!

So from Nappy Rash for babies to Rash and healing treatment for your Tattoos to Rash or Eczema on your skin (including face), nappy rash cremes act as a saviour!

P.S. I used Sudocrem for face and Bepanthan for my tattoos (as recommended by my Tattoo Artists).

Do let me know how you like my Tips Tuesday series or if you have recommendations for me. Also don’t forget to leave your blogs or instagram address below for me to check out. I would love to connect with you.

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  1. So glad you’ve found something that works for you, hun! Personally I don’t ever really suffer from rash or eczema but I think there are people who will find this post very useful, so thank you for sharing! <3 Looking forward to more tips Tuesdays 😉 <3 Kisses! x


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