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Huda Beauty Empowered palette - Ms Tantrum Blog

NEW Huda Beauty Em(power)ed Collection

Empowerment is about accepting who you are, your limitless potential, and knowing that you’re capable of anything! Huda Beauty is launching its biggest collection of the year – The Em(power)ed Collection. This is a collection to inspire you and remind you that you are strong and powerful every time you use it. This collection includes the EM(POWER)ED palette – 18 shades inspired by the color of power, gold – a LEGIT Lashes Double-Ended Mascara in limited edition gold packaging, and an all-new Face Gloss with gold shimmers. There is also a WISHFUL Eye Lift & Contour mask with a bold gold empowered statement and put together the ultimate Lip Kit with gold details.

7 Spring Fragrances - Ms Tantrum Blog

7 Spring fragrances to get your nose on!

Despite some snow flurries some days back, it is finally spring, and here are some of the spring fragrances I have been loving. These are some of the easy-to-wear fragrances to wear during this weather and I feel everyone should smell these or have atleast one of these in their fragrance wardrobe!

SUQQU Spring Summer’22 Color Collection

SUQQU is launching its Spring Summer’22 Color Collection this month. The upcoming SS’22 collection is inspired by the personality and uniqueness that each person’s makeup expresses. The collection is built with a unique combination of shades and textures that reflect the colors of springtime. This collection enhances the personality and the natural beauty of a person.

Vanagloria - Laboratorio Olfattivo - Ashh | Ms tantrum Blog

NEW Vanagloria from Laboratorio Olfattivo

Thrilled to share the magic of the Master Perfumer Dominique Ropion – The nose behind some of the world’s most incredible fragrances. Vanagloria – a part of Master’s Collection from Laboratorio Olfattivo is an incense resinous vanilla fragrance for men and women. The fragrance was launched in 2021. Dominic wanted to create a perfume that expresses all the richness of Vanilla and its multiple facets. This creation is built around an LMR Vanilla bean of sublime quality, of which the most subtle tones have been amplified. This Bourbon Vanilla, grown in the heart of the Indian Ocean, is extracted using CO2, a cold extraction technique that reveals the full spectrum of its gourmand, floral, leathery and spicy notes. Its leathery character is reinforced by saffron and its addictiveness by the tonka bean, while the enveloping layers of incense add the texture of a mystical aura.