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Arancia Rossa - Laboratorio Olfattivo

NEW Arancia Rossa Eau de Parfum from Laboratorio Olfattivo

Arancia Rossa from Laboratorio Olfattivo is one of the four perfumes from Viaggio in Italia Masters’ Collection by Master Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. For this collection, he took a journey to Italy to feel that happiness because he only creates perfumes with joy! He wanted to create fragrances that would sing of Italy, of joie de vivre, cheerfulness, and hope.

Cedrat Boise Eau de Parfum from Mancera Paris

Cedrat Boise Eau de Parfum is very Sophisticated and Powerful. The composition is well balanced and smells beautiful on both men and women. This is a creamy velvety smooth citrus woody fragrance with a little musky character but has some coziness to it that relaxes you. It can easily be your signature scent. It works for all occasions and is a compliment-getter. Though the fragrance has a citrus element to it, I won’t associate it to particular weather. It works beautifully throughout the year whether it is summer, autumn, or winter. If you haven’t tried any Niche fragrance before, this one is a beautiful option to enter into the Niche fragrance world.

Atelier Cologne Clementine California - Limited edition | Ms Tantrum Blog

Clémentine California – Limited Edition Bottle from Atelier Cologne

Clémentine California by Atelier Cologne is described as a walk on the beach under the Californian Sun. This is a Citrus Aromatic Cologne Absolu for both men and women. The fragrance was originally launched in 2016 and has been a bestseller since. The brand has given a summer makeover to this gorgeous fragrance and the limited edition bottle by Quentin Monge is now available to purchase from July 2020.

Sicily from Mancera Paris

Sicily Eau de Parfum from Mancera Paris

Mancera Sicily is a very zesty, fresh, bright and uplifting fragrance. It is not only a great warm-weather fragrance but also works fab in the winters. This is a joyful, day-time cheerful fragrance that screams sunshine and makes you happy! Though Mancera markets this fragrance as Unisex, it slightly leans towards women due to the floral aspect to it.

Atelier Cologne Pacific Lime - Ms Tantrum Blog

Pacific Lime Cologne Absolu – Unisex Fragrance | Atelier Cologne

Pacific Lime is Atelier Cologne’s latest creation, a bright lime and coconut perfume which tells the story of an unexpected celebration on a dream beach. The main ingredients of this unisex fragrance are lime from Mexico, lemon from Italy, coconut from the Philippines, spearmint from America and eucalyptus from China*. This mixture of fresh, sweet, soft, amber and woody notes will invite you to a party you will never forget. Bright and sparkling, just like your love!

Chloé Love Story Gift Set

Chloé Love Story Gift Set

February is all about celebrating love and some romantic evenings with your loved ones. A romantic fragrance makes it even more special as it boosts confidence and has a feel-good factor. After loving Chloé Absolu de parfum for few months, I wanted to explore even more from the brand so I decided to get my hands on the very popular – Love Story range.