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From Frizzy to Fabulous: How to Transform Your Hair Texture

From Frizzy to Fabulous: How to Transform Your Hair Texture

“Hair is the crown we never take off,” they say. Our hair plays a significant role in how we look and can serve as a representation of our culture, identity, and personality. It may also affect our sense of self-worth and self-confidence. Many people find frizzy hair to be an annoying problem, but there are various techniques to make it great.

Reasons (+Tips) for Sensitive Scalp

A sensitive scalp can be hard to manage and may be a reason for hair fall too. Your scalp can be sensitive due to many reasons and one of them could be medical. As I am not a qualified person to give any medical advice, but happy to share the other reasons along with some tips to take care of your sensitive scalp.

Olaplex – Everything you need to know!

They say to treat your hair with royalty. It is the crown that you never take off! Great hair can instantly make you feel comfortable. Repeated coloring and chemical treatments can damage our hair, making it more prone to dryness, dullness, and breakage. There are many products available in the beauty industry that just gloss over the damaged bits, coating them so they look smoother. However, these products don’t actually do anything for hair’s structural integrity. This is where Olaplex comes into the picture! Olaplex came from nowhere and suddenly it was everywhere. The best bit? You can use it in the comfort of your own home too.

Itchy Scalp: Is it dandruff or is your scalp just dry?

Itchy, Flaky scalp is often associated with dandruff but the reality may be different. Your scalp can also be itchy and/or flaky even when it is dry. Dandruff and dry scalp may look similar but both are caused by different conditions. When you look closely, you’ll notice a few characteristics that set them up apart. As similar as these conditions may seem, knowing what characteristics differentiate them, will help you understand how to move forward keeping your scalp condition in mind.

Beauty Discoveries - Ms Tantrum Blog

Beauty Discoveries | Skin & Hair

Its been a while since I did my last Beauty Discoveries post. I thought of sharing some nice products that are new in my routine and some that I have been using for quite a while but didn’t appear on my blog before. The Bodyshop Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel | £8 for 15 ml This clear unperfumed …

Mahogany Naturals Beauty Treatments + Offer for You

Mahogany Naturals is not a new brand anymore. They have such fabulous skincare and haircare that they quickly grabbed everyone’s attention. All of their ingredients are 100% organic. Not tested on animals and are vegetarian friendly. They are PETA CERTIFIED as a cruelty free company! They have now started Bath and Bodycare products, Kids range, Wigs and Facial …