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Ambre Safrano – Harrods Exclusive fragrance from BDK Parfums

Sensual and intense, amber is at the center of the olfactory narrative of the new Harrods exclusive. Ambre Safrano explores the oriental facets of this emblematic raw material. Blended with saffron, suede, and woods, the fragrance transports the wearer to the burning heat of the Orient. The golden tones of the saffron reveal a leathery, velvety, gourmand softness. By combining vanilla with the sensuality of sandalwood and oakwood, Ambre Safrano takes us on a heady faraway olfactory journey.

Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose L’Eau de Parfum

Lancôme released a seductive fruity floral fragrance called Trésor Midnight Rose in September 2011. This is a velvety rose fragrance with accents of wood ideal for colder weather especially now when Autumn is making its way to the UK. Capture hearts with Lancôme’s mischievous and playful fragrance, Trésor Midnight Rose. Play the game of love with this captivating scent that blends intense rose and bold blackcurrant notes with vivacious jasmine, peony, and pink pepper to create a magical bouquet of floral notes. Charming and sexy, be truly unexpected with Trésor Midnight Rose.

SCANDAL | Jean Paul Gaultier

SCANDAL | Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance

The mysterious Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Eau de Parfum is charged with excitement, lust, and boldness. The fragrance was launched in June 2017 and the advertising campaign was around the life of Madame La Ministre – She is a Government Minister who goes partying at night in Paris’ Pigalle neighbourhood for some fun and then …

Midnight Saffron - Tom Daxon on Ms Tantrum Blog

Midnight Saffron by Tom Daxon

Tom Daxon is a British fragrance house founded by Tom Daxon Bowers in 2013. Using the experience passed on from his mother, long time creative director in the cosmetics industry, and working with the perfumers he met through her as a child; Tom Daxon makes award winning fragrances with a modern, understated approach. Midnight Saffron …