SCANDAL | Jean Paul Gaultier

SCANDAL | Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance

The mysterious Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Eau de Parfum is charged with excitement, lust, and boldness. The fragrance was launched in June 2017 and the advertising campaign was around the life of Madame La Ministre – She is a Government Minister who goes partying at night in Paris’ Pigalle neighbourhood for some fun and then goes to work in the morning straight from the club. At night, she was wearing a body-hugging black outfit and her car speeds on the streets of Paris while in the morning she is seen in a Tailored suit joining her colleagues. The fragrance is supposed to have a night-out playful vibe but also a sophisticated and dressed-up side to it.

SCANDAL | Jean Paul Gaultier

Packaging |  Scandal fragrance is housed in a glass bottle topped with a stopper with a golden pair of legs pointing upwards, whilst wearing a killer pair of heels. The packaging gives an impression of a sexy and daring fragrance.

The marketing is pretty out there and is more into an obsession with women’s legs. The bottle has a spectacular design with legs as a topper on the lid. Having said that, this type of packaging may not be everyone’s cup of tea.


  • Top: Blood Orange and Grapefruit
  • Heart: Honey and Gardenia
  • Base: Patchouli

The opening is a burst of sweet notes with a youthful appeal. The key notes of the composition are blood orange, honey, patchouli, and gardenia, which united share a creamy, earthy and balsamic gourmet effect, with warm, deep, woody undertones.

Projection & Longevity | As this is one of the most intensive fragrances in my collection, there are no questions about its performance. This fragrance is easily noticeable and lasts 8-10 hours easily on my skin.

The fragrance is available at Notino. Jean Paul Gaultier has also launched Scandal By Night.

SCANDAL | Jean Paul Gaultier
SCANDAL | Jean Paul Gaultier

Final Thoughts | Scandal is the scent for those who do not shy away from controversy. It is perfect for evening wear and special occasions during colder weather. This fragrance has dense honey notes and is very sweet. This fragrance has Honey, Patchouli, Blood Orange, and white florals. There are patchouli notes in the base, but this fragrance is so incredibly sweet and is more about honey. This fragrance is not for faint-hearted people. This is one of those intense monstrous fragrances that cut through the cold weather. Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Scandal can become overwhelmingly sweet in warm weather. If you like sweet fragrances, you will love this honey-bomb fragrance. This is one of the lovely Fall/Winter fragrances.

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  1. Missukbeauty says:

    Love the bottle and the photography. I see the composition of photos is very apt with the Perfume description and Govt minister case. Well done 👏👏👌🏼.

  2. This fragrance has been on my wishlist for the longest time. I had no idea Notino stocks Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances. I will check out.

  3. jenniferpickering22gmailcom says:

    This bottle is amazing and the scent sounds wonderful!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  4. Emily Thaw says:

    The bottle is so adorable!

  5. Christie Moeller says:

    OOH Blood Orange and Grapefruit! I can;t wait to get a whiff of this one! sounds delish!

  6. Okay how cool is this bottle too!? The scent sounds divine!!!

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