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10 Lifestyle Factors that Affect Skin’s Microbiome

When we think about our skin, we often think about its look as well as the external factors that affect it, such as weather, pollution, and skincare products. The skin’s microbiome, on the other hand, is a fascinating world that resides on the surface of our skin and plays an important part in its health and well-being. In this article, we will discuss how to keep a healthy and balanced skin.

SUQQU Cleansers

NEW Cleansers from SUQQU for a splendid skincare ritual

Our skin is frequently exposed to a range of environmental stressors, including pollution, UV radiation, and extremely cold or hot temperatures, all of which can harm our skin. A good skincare routine is therefore essential for maintaining healthy skin. Cleansing in the morning and at night is a good start. SUQQU has launched new luxurious yet super gentle cleansers to enhance skin’s natural glow & boost its natural brightness and moisture.

Tackling Dry Skin As We Age

Dehydrated skin is the skin lacking moisture or that which has a reduced ability to retain moisture. It can feel dry, tight, or even irritated. It can also look dull and sallow. Fine lines appear more pronounced on dry skin. The problem of dry, easily sensitized skin gets worse as we age and that is due to age-related loss of moisture and our skin becomes less capable of retaining moisture. This leads to a loss of elasticity. A balanced diet, regular moisturization, and following a proper skincare routine can help in keeping our skin healthy and hydrated to a great extent.

Magic Korean Skincare Ingredients

There is a reason why everyone gets so excited about Korean Beauty and that is because Koreans only used natural and harsh-free ingredients to create clear, radiant, and glass-like skin for generations. This is why K-Beauty is so popular these days. In this article, we are talking all about some of those magic cosmetic ingredients …

My top Chantecaille picks for Black Friday

Chantecaille has been one of my top beauty brands and that’s because of its luxe formulations and continuous support towards various charities. The brand uses the healing powers of flowers and plants, and formulate its products on pure ingredients and smart science. Chantecaille gives back to charities that protect wild species and spaces. Now when it is Black Friday week, I thought of sharing my top favourite products from Chantecaille and a discount code that will take 25% off your purchase.

Triggers for sensitive skin and ways to treat it

When it comes to skincare, you might have heard about different types of skin namely – normal, oily, combination, dry and sensitive. People with sensitive skin are often confused if they really have it or is it just sensitized due to some factors? Sensitive skin is skin that is more reactive than usual. It can be easily irritated by sun, heat, cold, pollution, hormones, lack of sleep, or topical products. Any skin type from oily to acne-prone, and dry to mature can get irritated or sensitive if its natural barrier is weakened or broken down by triggers. A person can be born with sensitive skin or can develop it over time. Heightened skin sensitivity could also signal an underlying skin condition such as eczema, or rosacea.



Last year SUQQU Beauty launched the premium skincare line – VIALUME that is targeted towards dull and aging skin. Derived from the Latin via meaning road and lume meaning light, this new range of three products leads you on the road to clear, radiant skin. This year around the same time, SUQQU is adding a limited edition sheet mask – The Mask coated with a rich, creamy formula to its very popular luxurious skincare VIALUME range.

Hyaluronic Acid – Why do we need it?

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a gooey substance that is naturally produced by our body and can be found in our connective tissues, eyes, and skin. The main function of Hyaluronic Acid is to retain water to keep your tissues well lubricated and moist. It is responsible for that plump and hydrated look of the skin. As we age, the amount of moisture in our body decreases making us more susceptible to wrinkles and sagging. This is why some people take oral supplements, topical creams, hyaluronic serum, or even injections.

Tried & tested ways to de-puff the eyes

You might think eating a healthy balanced diet and sleeping for at least eight hours every night would help with the eye bags and would depuff the eyes, then you may be wrong. I’m not saying these methods won’t help but there are other factors as well that contribute to the puffy appearance of eyes. …

Face cleansers for Sensitive skin

When it comes to sensitive skin, fragrance and soap-free products are the best choices. A survey showed a whopping 32% of British women have sensitive skin. This is more common with women living in busy cities. Pollution is a major factor for increased skin sensitivity these days and this problem is not going away any …

Beauty Discoveries - Ms Tantrum Blog

Beauty Discoveries | Skin & Hair

Its been a while since I did my last Beauty Discoveries post. I thought of sharing some nice products that are new in my routine and some that I have been using for quite a while but didn’t appear on my blog before. The Bodyshop Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel | £8 for 15 ml This clear unperfumed …

Mahogany Naturals Beauty Treatments + Offer for You

Mahogany Naturals is not a new brand anymore. They have such fabulous skincare and haircare that they quickly grabbed everyone’s attention. All of their ingredients are 100% organic. Not tested on animals and are vegetarian friendly. They are PETA CERTIFIED as a cruelty free company! They have now started Bath and Bodycare products, Kids range, Wigs and Facial …

Merumaya Retinol Resurfacing Treatment

Merumaya Retinol Resurfacing Treatment

#Beautyhasnoage …well clearly!!! When I see photos of Maleka Dattu (Creator of Merumaya), I find her ageing gracefully and looking beautiful day by day. I was sure her skincare line had secrets to wonderful skin so I had to try some of her products. *Retinol Resurfacing Treatment | £33.50 for 30ml was recently launched by …

Nip+Fab Glycolic Range

Nip+Fab Glycolic acid range

Hello Peeps, If you follow me on Instagram, you might be aware that I enjoy good skincare routines. Years ago, I used to spend more money on makeup than investing on skincare but not anymore. My skin type is combination (mostly dry and sensitive) and prone to clogging. I also have large pores around my nose …

Tips Tuesday - potatoes for ur skin on

Tip Tuesday | Potatoes for your skin!!!

Whether in the form of fries, jacket potatoes, hash browns or potato curries, who doesn’t love potatoes! These potatoes are extremely beneficial for your skin too 🙂 Potatoes are rich in Vitamin C which is great for achieving good skin. Potato juice helps treat skin aging, blemishes, inflammation and also clears up complexion. Tan Removal I know …

Botanics all bright soothing eye makeup remover

Botanics All Bright soothing eye makeup remover

Hello peeps, If you’re from the UK, you must be aware of the Boots Botanics skincare range. Today I am talking about soothing eye makeup remover from Botanics All Bright range. The main reason of my inclination towards this range is that the company used the power of plants as the main ingredients of their …

What I got as Mother’s Day Gift

  Hello Muffins, As you all know I am a Mommy to a naughty little boy and this was my third Mother’s day as a mother. As I am regular shopper of makeup and skincare, I had no plans to buy anything special until my dear friend Sal @ummBabySSB tweeted a discount code for a special Mother’s …

nudi clay mask first impression

First impressions | nudi coconut and clay mask

Hello Loves, Hope you’re well. If you’re following me on instagram, then you might be aware that I tested the Coconut and Clay mask sent out to me by Nudi (@Nudilife on Instagram) recently. Nudi is a new skincare company based in the UK and is completely cruelty free and vegan friendly.  Nudi uses the …