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Shaghaf Oud by Swiss Arabian

Affordable Dupe for Lancome Oud Bouquet

I’ve been so much into Spicy and Oud based heavy fragrances lately. I think it’s the weather that makes me gravitate towards these. Lancome Oud Bouquet is one such incredible fragrance that has been on my wishlist for a long time but it comes with a high price tag. Though I own some of the very expensive fragrances in my collection it may not be possible to buy everything every time. So I have been looking for a budget fragrance which has similar notes without compromising the performance and I FOUND IT!

Atelier Cologne Pacific Lime - Ms Tantrum Blog

Pacific Lime Cologne Absolu – Unisex Fragrance | Atelier Cologne

Pacific Lime is Atelier Cologne’s latest creation, a bright lime and coconut perfume which tells the story of an unexpected celebration on a dream beach. The main ingredients of this unisex fragrance are lime from Mexico, lemon from Italy, coconut from the Philippines, spearmint from America and eucalyptus from China*. This mixture of fresh, sweet, soft, amber and woody notes will invite you to a party you will never forget. Bright and sparkling, just like your love!

Midnight Saffron - Tom Daxon on Ms Tantrum Blog

Midnight Saffron by Tom Daxon

Tom Daxon is a British fragrance house founded by Tom Daxon Bowers in 2013. Using the experience passed on from his mother, long time creative director in the cosmetics industry, and working with the perfumers he met through her as a child; Tom Daxon makes award winning fragrances with a modern, understated approach. Midnight Saffron …

Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille - Ms Tantrum Blog

Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille

‘Autumn, I just can’t get enough of it. All the fiery amber colours, the elegant swans swimming in the glazed rivers and you can’t forget about the pleasant, golden sunsets. Although the glittering sun dappled the forest floor giving a pattern of leopard’s fur, the freshness of the icy breeze made me quiver as it bit through …

Tom Daxon Magnolia Heights - Ms Tantrum Blog

Magnolia Heights by Tom Daxon

Tom Daxon is a young British Fragrance brand- A brainchild of Tom Daxon Bowers who in his 20’s created his very own fragrance line. But fragrance and cosmetics run in the family; his mother – Creative Director of Molton Brown for 30 years ‘would often give me new shower gels to try, fragrances to sniff. These early …

Byredo Mojave ghost - Ms Tantrum Blog

Byredo Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum

When it comes to aesthetics, Swedish brands have got it right and most pleasing! Byredo’s best selling scents have a cult following and for good reasons. Luxurious, chic & sophisticated are the words that come to my mind when I see and smell Mojave Ghost by Byredo. This fragrance is a tantalising scent of the ghost …

Clean Reserve Sel Sental Eau de Parfum Review

Clean originally launched in 2003 and has built a loyal following for its eco-friendly perfumes, home scents, body and haircare. Clean Reserve is a new collection of fragrances from the creators of Clean. Created with responsibly sourced ingredients and eco-conscious manufacturing and packaging. The culmination of a unique, creative collaboration with three of the world’s top …