How to choose the right candle?

Candles – the most beautiful home accessories that can uplift any corner and add warmth to any home. The flickering of a candle flame enveloping the room with its warm, comforting colors instantly makes a space cozy. Scented candles have their own charm. Choosing the right scent can be tricky though!

Scents are a very personal thing. They evoke different memories for different people, and everyone’s noses work in different ways. Some people prefer light scents such as citrus, linen, or floral scents, whereas others prefer more heavy fragrances such as oud, sandalwood, and more.

Quality of a candle depends on quality of its wax. Scent throw is equally important when choosing a candle. By scent throw, I mean how much a candle can fill the room with its scent.

It is important to think about where your candle is going to be situated. For example if you want a scent for the kitchen, you may want something fresh, citrus or herbal scent. You may not want an overpowering or strong fragrance for a smaller space.

For bedroom, you will want something soothing or relaxing, nothing too strong. Lavender is believed to be a calming fragrance. and is proven to relax the body and mind to improve sleep quality, It is a fabulous bedroom scent!

A scented candle helps in creating a lovely ambiance when lit and when it is not lit, it becomes an ornament. I absolutely love to have a candle (or two) lit in my living room. After a busy and tiring day, a great way to relax for me is by lighting my favorite scented candle and watching some Netflix.

Vila Hermanos Apothecary Sea Salt & Jasmine scented candle is my latest purchase. This candle is made with soy wax and a mix of plant waxes. It features a cotton wick and is paraffin-free. The candle has top notes of Jasmine & geranium; heart notes of jasmine & violet; and base notes of amber, sea notes and pink pepper. I like the clean and minimal amber glass style packaging too!

Bath & Body works is another gorgeous brand for scented candles. From wick to wax to whiff and beyond, when you light up a scented candle, you should be lighting up some magic!

Until next time, Ashh xo

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