Roll-on deodorants

If Roll-on Deodorants are your thing, these 3 are worth checking out!

Deodorants help in subsiding body odour caused by bacterial breakdown of perspiration. Anti-perspirant deodorants decrease the production of sweat by blocking the pores. There are spray deodorants and roll-on deodorants available in the market.

Roll-on deodorants are applied in the underarm area or neckline using a rolling application. Most of them contain alcohol or a stronger anti-bacterial agent called triclosan. If you prefer roll-on deodorants, these three (available at Notino) are worth checking out.

Roll-on deodorants

Clinique antiperspirant deodorant roll-on – Clinique is known for fragrance -free kind-to-skin / gentle but highly effective formulations. This is a high-performance, non-staining formula. This roll-on deodorant provides all-day protection from wetness and odour caused by perspiration. It rolls on easily, dries quickly and has a unique, effective formulation with a long record of performance.

This deodorant has no fragrance (100% fragrance-free) so it is perfect for even eczema prone skin. This roll-on deodorant doesn’t block pores or irritate sensitive skin. The deodorant is non-sticky and dries quickly. It doesn’t leave any stains on clothes and you get 75ml of product which will last a long time making it cost-effective.

Roll-on deodorants
Roll-on deodorants

Calvin Klein – CK be deodorant roll-on (unisex) –  CK Be by Calvin Klein is a fresh, floral, aromatic and woody fragrance for both men and women. 

Dare to be yourself with this easy going fragrance from Calvin Klein. CK Be is a fantastic unisex fragrance that makes an impression without being overwhelming. The notes of bergamot, mandarin, juniper, lavender, peppermint, jasmine, orchid and peach on base of cedar, amber, musk, sandal and vanilla combine to make a fragrance that’s perfect for when you just want to be yourself. CK Be by Calvin Klein was launched in 1996. As this is a roll-on deodorant from a company that makes fragrances , you can’t expect it to be fragrance-free. The scent is noticeable and is pleasant to the noses. However, if you have sensitive or eczema prone skin, I would recommend checking Clinique one.

Avon’s little black dress roll-on anti-perspirant deodorant – Affordable of the lot is Avon’s LBD roll-on which compliments Avon’s popular Little Black Dress fragrance.
Perfect for every occasion this modern classic of bright fruits and elegant florals mixed with luxurious woods means you’ll always have something to wear. The only thing I do not like here is the packaging! But if you prefer a pocket-friendly scented roll-on deodorant, this may be a good one for you.

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  1. jenniferpickering22gmailcom says:

    I had no idea these brands even made deodorant!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. I love Avon’s LBD. I would love to check out the rest two roll ons. Love love love the pictures!!

  3. jhilmildsaha says:

    Oh Yes, roll-on deodorants are definitely my thing. I need them throughout the year but I pretty much stick to rexona and nivea. I will try the avon one.

  4. Saarah says:

    As usual your pictures are mesmerising this is truly awakening for me to know about this brand is new launches would love to try them out soon.

  5. Wow these rollon deos looks awesome.. i do use roll ons a few times will try these too. Loved your review

  6. Khushboo says:

    I never tried roll on deodorant. I would love to try them sometime soon.

  7. Deodorant I use on daily basis. But this roll on sounds interesting. Will try this clinique one for sure

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