Irresistible Me Clip on hair extensions

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Irresistible Me Clip on hair extensions

Hey Babes, Hope you’re well. I usually speak about Makeup or Skincare on my blog and hair extensions is totally different topic for me. It’s not that Hair is not a part of beauty but I think I do not have much expertise in this area. I have had very long hair for about 10 years until I cut them short last year. I now have medium length thick and frizzy  dark hair taking care of which is not a much problem than it used to be earlier. However, I still love my long hair and do miss them sometimes particularly on special occasions. Now about a week back, I was kindly sent these Hair Extensions by Irresistible Me*. Madison from Irresistible Me took care of everything and sent me the shade, length and weight of silky touch clip-in extensions I wanted to try. The extensions arrived with signed for Tracked Delivery within couple of days from the US which was a total surprise! Now let’s move to some details 🙂

  • Packaging: The outer packaging is a black cardboard box with the logo and company’s name written. The extensions come wrapped nicely in a thread mesh to avoid tangling and are placed in a re-sealable plastic so you can keep them back nicely. There is a separate compartment for a single extension clip on to check size and shade of the extensions before opening the whole pack which I think is a clever idea. This helps consumer to test the extensions first before opening the whole pack and can return if its not the suitable match.

Irresistible Me Clip on hair extensions

  • Composition: 200 g sets (10 pieces) – 1 pc of 4 clips (7.5″), 2 pcs of 3 clips (6″), 5 pcs of 2 clips (4″), 2 pcs of 1 clip (1.2″)
  • Length, Weight & Shade: I chose the 20″ 200 gms full head set of extensions and opted for #1b Natural Black shade which was very close to the shade of my natural hair. When the extensions arrived, the shade matched perfectly and blended well with my own hair. The length was just right as the length proportionate to the volume so If you choose longer length the volume and weight may vary. The 20″ 200 gms will look thicker and have more volume than 22″ or 24″ 200 gms. I have layered cut hair so I did not want less volume at the ends (if you have layers, you’ll know what I’m saying). So, 20″ 200 gms is what I recommend for medium length hair.

Irresistible Me Clip on hair extensions

  • Quality: The extensions are made from 100% human hair so these do not look artificial by any means. The quality is really good and looks very natural. The hair provided are of medium thickness and are very soft as well as healthy. I did saw a strand of grey hair in my extensions which I don’t mind cutting as overall quality is nice. Even if i don’t cut that, it was just one off and I can get away with that.


Irresistible me Hair extensions

  • Ease of Use: I was trying the extensions for the very first time and I was very nervous to do that but honestly, I saw just one YouTube video about using clip on extensions and it was so simple. Trust me, it took me less than 5 minutes to clip these on. The extensions have clips on top which are meant for clipping on top of your hair (near the roots). Make sure you section your hair before clipping these on and back comb your hair near roots so the extensions can stick/clip easily. I used the largest piece (4 clips one) at the back of my head and then medium width ones on either sides. I skipped the smallest ones as I already have lot of volume in my hair. If you feel the need to use, you can use the smallest ones on the sides or wherever you feel the need. I thought of curling my hair but the extensions blended well with my own hair that I skipped that part to avoid any heat damage to my natural hair.
  • Final Look: I was so impressed with how these looked and how easy were these to clip on. I posted a sneak peek #instaStory on my social media too and I was so chuffed with the response I got (Some of the feedback at the end of this post). So many compliments on my hair!
Ms Tantrum - Irresistible Me Hair extensions review
AFTER Clipping Irresistible Me Hair Extensions
BEFORE Clipping Hair Extensions
BEFORE Clipping Hair Extensions

Ms Tantrum - Irresistible Me Hair extensions review

Ms Tantrum Irresistible me hair extensions review

  • Prices & Shipping: The prices depend on the length, weight and style you choose. The ones I chose were around $199 but I see the company does give out some promo codes specially on holiday period so do follow them on social media to know about latest deals. Also, they ship internationally at an affordable cost.

Ms Tantrum Irresistible Me Insta stories feedback

Let me know what you think of these hair extensions? Which hair extensions have you tried? If you haven’t tried any, do you consider trying extensions in future? Let me know in the comments section below.

*This post contains PR Samples. However, the reviews are genuine and are not influenced by any source.

Until next time…

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  1. Nice post.

  2. these hair extensions look great!

  3. The extensions blended with your natural hair beautifully! I’ve tried them last year and they’re fantastic quality and look very realistic! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  4. Shruti says:

    Wow they look amazing.. So natural n blended well.. Seems great quality.. 😊😊

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