Kiko Cosmetics Active Fluo Capsule Collection

Kiko Cosmetics Active Fluo CollectionKiko Cosmetics launched Active Fluo collection which is Neon effect makeup with pop colours to mark its 20th Anniversary. This collection represents fun, energy and dynamism. This collection was created in collaboration with fashion designer Arthur Arbesser. The designer has created a unique collection that combines bold graphic motifs, patterns and colours with clean, minimalist shapes.

Active Fluo Face Primer* | £10.90

This coral tone orange primer gives a beautiful velvety matte finish. Upon blending, the orange tone of this primer changes to sheer smoothing the skin and blurring the imperfections. This primer holds makeup for a longer time and is non-comedogenic as well as dermatologically  tested. This is my favourite from this collection.

Kiko Cosmetics Active Fluo Primer

Active Fluo Neon Lip & Body Pencil* | £5.90

These retractable liners come in 3 shades and these change color when exposed to UV light. The caps not the body of the liners indicate the shades. Though I really like these gorgeous fun summer colours, the formula felt quite drying on my lips. I do have very dry lips in general so I tend to exfoliate before applying matte lip products. These are matte but very long lasting. I would rather use these as body art products for temporary tattoos for summers. These are water – resistant and you can’t really remove these with soap. An oil-based cleanser is best for removing waterproof makeup with just a quick swipe.

Kiko Cosmetics Active Fluo Collection

Kiko Cosmetics Active Fluo Collection

Active Fluo Neon Eye Pencil*| £5.90

This retractable eyeliner pencil becomes fluorescent when exposed to UV light. Though Kiko claims these as soft, glide-on texture that clings perfectly to the eyelids, I find these quite okay in terms of texture. The tip traces the outer eye contour, leaving a clear, intense, precise stroke with a long hold. I have tested these against water and these are very long lasting. Something you might want to consider if you’re on a budget.

Kiko Active Fluo swatches

There are some other products also available in this collection. Check here for more.

Have you tried anything from Kiko Cosmetics before? Which is your favourite product? Are you going to try anything from this collection?  Let me know in the comments below.

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Products marked with * were kindly sent to me as PR gift but my opinions are genuine and unbiased.

12 thoughts on “Kiko Cosmetics Active Fluo Capsule Collection”

  1. It is a fun collection, I love the bright and neon colours. Too bad the lip pencils feel dry on the lips, I hate when lip products don’t feel comfortable when you wear them.


    1. I know such fun shades! Yes, I do like to exfoliate and moisturise when I wear matte and long wearing products as they generally can be slight drying. Still these are great for any special makeup look as the shades are amazing. The lip pencils can be used on body as well so I might use them to do some body art.

    1. Thanks for checking Kiran, The lip and body pencils are not for eyes. Only the green one shown here is for eyes which is black in normal light but looks green under UV. They still are good liners specially if u want to try fun shades for holidays and summers.

  2. These look so fun shades and perfect for summer and spring. That powerful fuschia shade looks so gorgeous ❤️ will definitely check these out in person

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