Nyx liquid lipsticks on mstantrum.com

Lingerie, Suede or Soft Matte – My thoughts!!!

Nyx liquid lipsticks on mstantrum.com
Hello Darlings,

Hope you are well. As you might have guessed from the title, its all about Nyx liquid lipsticks. I didn’t plan to do this but I get asked about my thoughts on NYX lipsticks on my Instagram so I had to!!!!

Ever since Boots started stocking Nyx Cosmetics, we have been really happy. We all know how good Nyx Cosmetics products are and they are budget-friendly as well. Like many of you, I used to see beautiful Nyx products on Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube etc and always felt jealous of people living in the US 😛 but not any more!

Let’s get straight to the lipsticks 🙂

Nyx Soft Matte | £5.50

The soft mattes were released quite a long ago and all the shades are really beautiful. The formula is a thick liquid which dries matte on the lips. It is incredibly comfortable and does not feel dry on the lips. At the moment there are 26 shades released in the UK. I was more interested in the shades that works best on medium skin tones.

I bought the shade ‘Cannes’ after researching on Internet. Its a beautiful pink shade and I absolutely love it 🙂

I recently got another shade ‘Stockholm’ after Poofie.peej recommended and OMG its such a stunning brown based nude.


  • Comfortable matte formula
  • Vast shade range
  • Affordable


  • Can slightly wear off after drinking or eating.

I am loving these so much that I will be getting some more shades in soft matte 🙂

Nyx Lip Lingerie | £6.50

Look at the name of this range …lol Nyx Cosmetics gave names of lingerie details to all their shades. The shade range is more on the nudes and neutrals as you expect from the name LINGERIE 🙂 🙂 And there is atleast one nude lipstick to suit each skin tones. I think there are about 12 shades and all are very popular.

As soon as these were launched on Boots website, most shades got out of stock. I managed to get ‘Ruffle Trim‘ which is a dusty peach shade and was released with other shades and got ‘Exotic‘ which is a warm mahogany red (that suits all skin tones) and was released a bit later.

I was not very keen on the formula at first as I heard they were drying. But since they were new releases, I wanted to try atleast and I am glad I got these. First of all both the shades are beautiful. Yes, these are drying but I prep my lips (Exfoliate and moisturize) before applying these to avoid any dry patches show up or the lipstick settling into lines (yes my lips are not flawless).

I like to apply a nude lip liner under the shade ‘Ruffle trim’ to even out my lips a little bit.
nyx cosmetics liquid lipstics


  • Nice nudes and neutrals
  • A nude for every skin tone
  • Transfer proof
  • Long lasting
  • No perfume/scent
  • Affordable


  • A bit drying but can be worked with exfoliation (which I normally do before applying matte lipsticks)

Even if you don’t like nude lipsticks, you need to try these atleast once!

Liquid Suede lipsticks | £6.50

This gives a suede finish and takes a little while to dry up. There are 12 shades available in the UK but only one stood out to me and its the most famous ‘Soft Spoken’ 🙂 .

Its a beautiful warm toned plum/brown shade (as u know i am not good at describing shades) but have a look at the swatches 🙂 These lipsticks are not very long lasting and can wear off specially from centre of the lips after eating or drinking.


  • Incredibly pigmented
  • Affordable


  • Not very smooth so you might need to go over to achieve even finish
  • Needs touch ups after eating/drinking

This is my least favourite formula but the colour is beautiful. 

Let’s have a look at swatches 🙂

Nyx cosmetics swatches


nyx cosmetics swatches

Let me know how you like this post. Have you tried any Nyx liquid lipsticks? Do you recommend any shades for my skin tone? Let me know your feedback in the comments section below.

Until next time…

Loads of love

Ash <3

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  1. I’m really enjoying using Exotic right now as I don’t find it nearly as drying as the other shades in the line. Beautiful swatches hun xxx

    Sal | UmmBaby Beauty

    1. Exotic is a beautiful shade and exactly what you and I like to wear. Do you remember me asking u and Jasmine about these and whether i should return mine? haha, glad i kept these 🙂 I am really enjoying Nyx lipsticks atm. And thank you darling for the love and support <3

  2. I love how you’ve done your swatches! I’m desperate to try some of those Lingerie lipsticks xx

    1. Awww thank you so much Rhi <3 Yes, you should definitely give them a go and let me know how u like it x

  3. I love the heart swatches! exotic hasn’t left my lips haha. I don’t find the Lingeries overly drying which surprises me as i have really dry lips. I also really love Suede liquid lipsticks, but i find the applicator not very good for actually applying it on the lips. I have one of the soft matte lip creams, but i’m not a massive fan of the shade i choose so i need to get a shade like before a make final verdict. Great post 🙂 xx


    1. Thank you so much Leanne. Exotic is not drying..The lighter shades are lil’ bit drying though. I heard people complaining about Push Up so drying. I think the formula is better in Exotic. I am satisfied with two shades I have and lighter shades do not catch my attention. If NYX decides to launch some warmer shades, I would definitely pick them up. Thank you, Love xx

  4. laura zuniga says:

    Beautiful swatches! I love your blog!!!

    1. Awwww, Thank you!

      Love, Ash

  5. I didn’t know about the lingerie range until I saw a meme about it few days back! 😁 I want the soft mattes in Stockholm and London 😍 btw do you know about their popular dupes in India?! They’re called miss Claire matte lip creams

  6. Ohh yes, I got to know about miss Claire ones on Youtube and heard they r affordable and good quality 🙂

    Stockholm and London are nice shades. London is more on brown side I think.

  7. I need to try more from NYX, everything sounds and looks gorgeous!

    Parie x

    1. Thanks for stopping by Parie.

      Definitely pick more shades, i am going to to that too x

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