Liq Ce Serum Mask

LIQ Ce Serum Night 15% Vitamin E Mask | My Thoughts

Liq Ce serum mask

If you are one of my Instafam member (here), you must be seeing *LIQ Ce Serum Night 15% Vitamin E serum mask in my skincare routines from last few weeks. I have been testing this out on my combination to dry (sometimes dehydrated) skin and shared my first impressions about two weeks ago. Although it is too early to see any long term effects or huge transformation in my skin, but I feel it is definitely making some difference and that is why you see this serum mask quite often on my Instagram photos.

About the Brand: Liqpharm is a young Polish cosmetics company founded in 2014 by a Pharmacist. The main objective of the company is to produce high quality skincare products using pharmaceutical manufacturing standards, high concentrations of active ingredients, thoughtful compositions and scientific approach to the recipe at an affordable price. The company has its own production line and collaborates with the Medical University of Gdansk laboratory.

Target skin types: All skin types.  Mature and young skin.

15% Vitamin E + Hyaluronic Acid + XYLITOL

As it contains 15% Vitamin E + Hyaluronic Acid, I had to try on myself as well as my husband’s skin. My skin (age 31) as mentioned above is combination to dry and my husband’s skin (age 33) is very dry (he sometimes get dry patches on his forehead and around nose.

Bi-phase regenerating and nourishing concentrate: A bi-phase product has components in two phases (usually water and oil) that cannot be mixed without shaking them. It allows the formulator to combine two very separate formula compositions into one, offering a unique texture, experience, and feel.

The ingredients are separate in bottle. When shaken together, they mix to create a super-efficient composition with a unique texture. It also offers convenience of multiple benefits (in this case, regeneration of cells and providing nourishment to the skin) in one product. This means we need to shake the bottle well before each use.

Liq Ce Serum Mask

LIQ Ce night mask used regularly nourishes, regenerates, and provides comfort and proper functioning for both dry and dehydrated skin. The high concentration of vitamin E (15%) not only reduces and slows the aging process of the skin, through the uptake of free radicals, but also improves apparently its elasticity and tension. The addition of hyaluronic acid and xylitol provides a long-lasting moisturizing and smoothing. The skin after night stays well hydrated, smooth, and irritations are relaxed.

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Propylene Glycol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Xylitol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Citrid Acid, Polysorbate 20, Methylparaben, Propylparaben

Liq Ce serum mask

Liq Ce Serum Mask

Directions for Use: You need to shake the bottle well before use. One pipette per application. Apply every evening on cleansed face and neck. Apply all year round or as a 28-day treatment.

This can be applied as a base for makeup but I like to use it in my evening skincare routines.


  • optimal skin nutrition and hydration
  • improving elasticity and firmness
  • smoothing the skin
  • soothes irritation
  • antioxidant protection

This product is made in Poland and is dermatologically tested. It is fragrance free so safe for sensitive skin and is cruelty free brand which I appreciate.

Final Thoughts: These serum mask is very liquid-y in texture and gets absorbed quickly into the skin. It does not result in any breakouts (specially on my sensitive skin). I have got breakouts/milia spots due to clogged pores from use of some high end skincare products in the past. So, being able to find a good product that helps with dry skin and that actually agrees with my skin is a great thing for me. My husband’s skin also feel moisturised and free from any dry patches if he applies this serum a night before. I like this but husband loves this 🙂 Definitely recommend checking this out!

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  1. This serum looks very hydrating for dry patches!

    1. Yes, it is indeed very hydrating Mariyam. Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. The serum sounds really nice but what I’m mostly excited about is that the brand is Polish and I’m Polish too 🙂 And I had no idea about them so I’ll need to check them out 🙂 x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. Yayyy..definitely check this brand out Dagmara. If you like, I have few samples for the Vitamin C serum from this brand…I can send a couple for you to try.

  3. Witam, kupiłam to serum (Vit.C Light), kiedy byłam w Polsce, po przeczytaniu artykułu, gdzie polecała go kosmetyczka. Zauważyłam różnicę po pierwszym użyciu. Jest MEGA! Właśnie mi sie skończyła buteleczka, więc planuje kupić kolejną, a może skuszę się na to z witaminą E. Skóra po serum jest rozświetlona, nawilżona i mniej na niej “przykrych niespodzianek”. Był to jeden z produktów, który zainspirowało mnie, aby otworzyć własny sklep i z pewnością umieszcze go pośród innych wspaniałych kosmetyków (

    1. Sorry, I supposed to write in English LOL!
      Hi, I bought this serum (Vit.C Light) when I was in Poland, it was recommended by dermatologist in an article. I saw the difference after first use. It’s just finished, so I have to buy another one or maybe with vitamin E. I like my glowing, healthy skin after this product. It was one of the product that inspired me to open my own shop an I will definately will place it with other fab cosmetics (

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