Murad skincare hydro glow range

Murad Skincare Hydro Glow Range | New Launch

Murad skincare Hydro Glow Aqua Peel Review

Today Murad Skincare officially launched Hydro Glow Range in the UK which consists of two products – Dual Phase Peel Mask & Dietary Supplements. Dr Murad’s external and internal skincare approach goes beyond the surface to boost cellular hydration and unlock skin’s youthful potential.

This unique dual-phase system gives skin a gentle peel with anti-ageing benefits by intensely infusing hydration to visibly minimise fine lines and wrinkles, re-texturise and brighten skin revealing a youthful glow.

Hydro-Glow Food Supplements are designed to help boost cellular hydration levels for youthful-looking skin with a healthy glow. Glucosamine creates a reservoir of moisture in cells and helps boost natural Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen. Osmolytes help maintain optimal cellular hydration.


N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine, Taurine, Thimeththylglycine, microcrystalline cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, anhydrous betaine, stearic acid, hydroxypropylcellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide and coating (ethylcellulose, carnauba wax, vanillin). Contains Crustacean shellfish (crab/shrimp).

Key Ingredient:

N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine – Glucosamine is naturally found in our body and has a key role in keeping a youthful and healthy-looking skin. This ingredient acts as a “building block” for structural molecules such as Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, helping improve skin firmness and creating a reservoir of moisture within cells to boost hydration and support healthy cellular functions.

Hydro-Glow Food Supplements help you achieve a healthy glow by boosting cellular hydration, promoting more supple, youthful skin and visibly minimising lines and wrinkles.

I started taking these supplements in last week of June and took these throughout the month of July. I noticed improvement in my skin in terms of glow, radiance and overall health of my skin. However, I can’t really comment on lines & wrinkles aspect as I’m in my early 30s and don’t have any such issues yet. I also increased my water intake and also tried to eat water by having more juicy fruits like Melon, Watermelon etc. I rotate my skincare products but I noticed Hydro Dynamic range (particularly Quenching Essence & Ultimate Moisturiser) works wonders every time I use them. This is to boost hydration to another level.

The Hydro Glow range is now available to buy in the UK via Murad Skincare or other official retailers & e-tailers like John Lewis, FeelUnique, Fabled, Very etc.

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*These products were gifted to me in a PR event for testing purposes. Opinions are my own, genuine & unbiased.


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  1. This range sounds amazing. I have seen these on social media on some US peoples’ account. They rave about these. I really wanted to try too. Sooo glad you posted about these. I think I saw these on your IG too earlier. I can’t wait to get my hands on the peels. Great review and BEAUTIFUL photos.


  2. Claire Middleton says:

    I’m quite interested in the glow supplements. My skin is dull and I am not very good with my eating habits. I might also treat myself to masks later but right now I have few to finish using before buying new ones. I have added both to my wishlist though.

  3. What a lovely post! I really want to amp up my skincare so I am going to check these out darling.

  4. I love Murad products and I m currently testing some of their Pore range. These look promising. I read some reviews where ppl raved about these products. I am most excited for Aqua Peel. I will try it for sure…Just waiting to finish some of the current skincare products.

  5. Murad products are so famous all over the world. Hydro glow mask seems appealing!

  6. The Hydro Glow mask sounds amazing and the price is surprisingly not too bad considering it’s Murad. The whole supplement thing is a bit gimmicky to me though, I have taken supplements most of my life and I think I would get the same results with ordinary supplements. I can see it being applying for those who are not into taking multiple supplements every day though.

  7. Preet@thevelvetlife says:

    This range sounds amazing, Murad has been on my wishlist since a long time and the peel mask sounds like the product I am going to buy first from them. I am very much into peels and exfoliation, they are an essential part in my skin care routine. Thank you for introducing me to this new launch.

  8. The Aqua peel Mask seems amazing! Definitely got to get my hands on this one.

  9. Lovely post.. These seem amazing.. Would love to try these.. Thanks for sharing…

  10. Samiksha Agarwal says:

    I too face clogged T-Zone problem 🙁 will try this hydro glow range!

  11. My Aunt swears by Murad products for her acne issues. Since its not easily available in India, I never got a chance to try them but would love too. Great post!

  12. thestyletune says:

    I have dry and uneven tones so this sounds great for me!!! Will try soon!

  13. Thanks to your loyalty with Murad, I am loving the brand too!!

    Ankita | | Fashion & Beauty blog

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