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OUD Satin Mood [Extrait de parfum] by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Oud has been a popular ingredient in fragrances specially with Niche brands. Oud Fragrances have always been appreciated in the Middle east but have been gaining popularity in Western and Eastern Countries too. Many brands have done something beautiful with Oud but my favourite has to be Maison Francis Kurkdjian so far!

Francis Kurkdjian (born in Paris on May 14, 1969) is an Armenian contemporary perfumer, businessman and winner of the Prix François Coty in 2001 for his lifetime achievement. He was made famous at age 26 for designing the scent of Le Male for Jean Paul Gaultier, one of the world best selling perfumes. This was followed by an additional forty creations for major perfume companies worldwide. Some of these creations include the Elie Saab Le Parfum (Elie Saab), My Burberry (Burberry), L’extase (Nina Ricci) and Narciso Rodriguez for her (Narciso Rodriguez). In 2009, he co-founded luxury fragrance house Maison Francis Kurkdjian with the Lebanese-French businessman and former Ernst & Young partner Marc Chaya, now a major global player in the luxury niche fragrance segment. [Source: Wikipedia]

Oud Collection from the House of Maison Francis Kurkdjian comes in Oud, Oud Satin Mood, Oud Silk Mood & Oud Cashmere Mood. OUD satin mood conveys the fluid movement of satin – A desire to bring a shimmering Orient to life. You’ll want to wrap it around you, lose yourself in the depth of the moment and suspend time.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Oud Satin Mood Review | Ms Tantrum Blog

Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Oud Satin Mood Review | Ms Tantrum Blog


This fragrant juice is housed in a beautiful heavy smoky glass bottle with soft closure gold metallic lid. The bottle has gold accent details which looks very posh. The bottle comes in a signature White Gold Box MFK Box with white gold ribbon for ease of opening. The box in turn is housed in a smokey charcoal gold card sleeve box which adds to the luxurious packaging. Little details matter when you spend money on a Niche fragrance.


Top notes

Violet accord, geranium, cinnamon from Ceylon

Middle notes

Damascena rose essence from Turkey, centifolia rose absolue from Tunisia

Base notes

Natural oud from Laos, vanilla, amber accord

For me, its a blast of seductive Turkish rose and oud in the background and a touch of vanilla. Reminds me of cotton candy too but not too sweet. This oriental, woody, floral fragrance works for both men and women and will be an attention grabber.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Oud Satin Mood | Ms Tantrum Blog

How Oud Satin Mood Extrait de Parfum is different from Oud Satin Mood Eau de Parfum?

Extrait is a potent form of fragrance and you need just a small spray and it will last a long time. This is the reason Extrait version of fragrances are expensive than EDP & EDT.

  • Eau de parfum:
    Violet accord
    Damascena rose essence from Bulgaria
    Damascena rose absolute from Turkey
    Natural oud from Laos
    Benzoin from Siam
    Amber and vanilla accord


  • Extrait de parfum:
    Violet accord
    Cinnamon from Ceylon
    Damascena rose essence from Turkey
    Centifolia rose absolute from Tunisia
    Natural oud from Laos
    Amber and vanilla accord
Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Oud Satin Mood Review | Ms Tantrum Blog

Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Oud Satin Mood | Ms Tantrum Blog


Its a beast with longevity of up to 15 hours on my husband and up to 22 hours on me & Projection is very good for 4 hours. The fragrance shines extraordinarily in terms of compliments.
This niche fragrance is definitely for special occasions like Red Carpet event or a special evening like Date Night. This is a very Sexy, Between the Sheets kind of fragrance for both men and women. You will see your mood is lifted with this one and it will turn heads as in your fragrance will speak for you.
Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Oud Satin Mood Review | Ms Tantrum Blog
Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Oud Satin Mood Review | Ms Tantrum Blog
It is rich, modern and classy scent – suit & tie situation for men or expensive dinners or even Business meetings, dress to impress situations for women. I won’t wear this casually, cooler weather fragrance. Its definitely an investment because you will get a return. Scent is very personal so get a sample of this one or atleast sniff it at the counter and I am very positive that you’d like it.
You do not need too many sprays with this fragrance. As it is an Unisex option, a couple can share it and it will still last a very long time. It is not too strong but still shines in the crowd. I would avoid wearing it in hot weather. During cold evenings, this smooth well-blended fragrance will open stage by stage. When you enter a room full of people, the fragrance will dance on you and jump everywhere but magnetically come back to you. This fragrance will make you feel very confident about yourself.
Now I want to own every single fragrance from the MFK house, they are an absolute Beauty! It is a pleasure for me to wear MFK fragrances. I really appreciate Master Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian’s work – He is ‘The Nose’ behind many popular fragrances as mentioned above. This is an expensive fragrance as its a niche brand and this is an Art by Master Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian and this investment will bring joy.
I do have a Discovery Set for Her which let me experience a variety of fragrant art pieces from the brand. MFK Baccarat Rouge 540 is a rockstar too and stood out to me as an all year rounder scent. This is on top of my wishlist. I also like Amyris Pour Femme (Spring Floral fragrance) from the Discovery set Fragrance Wardrobe and will definitely like a full size of this too. I will come back to these two fragrances in detail when I get the full sizes and be able to spend more time wearing them. But Oud Satin Mood is a gorgeous scent – An exquisite statement piece!


Oud Satin Mood Extrait de Parfum is available for £275 from Harrods. Maison Francis Kurkdjian fragrances can be bought from Official approved retailers like Selfridges, Net-a-Porter, Harrods & John Lewis.
Until next time

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This fragrance was very kindly gifted to me for testing purposes. Opinions are my own – honest & unbiased!


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