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I am a big fan of double cleansing and always recommend it for evening routines if you wear makeup or SPF. I have combination to dry skin and I was not a fan of foaming cleansers until I started using Panasonic EH-XC10-N The Cleansing Brush device*. It made me fell in love with the foaming cleansers as the luxurious feeling of micro foam you get on the skin and the soft brush cleaning those pores can’t be expressed in words.

Panasonic Cleansing Brush Review + Giveaway - Ms tantrum Blog

The device has two buttons – a brush to start the motion of brush head and a warm to warm up the metal plate with two settings for each.

Step 1 | Makeup Removal

I like to use makeup removing oils to break all my makeup. I just massage some oil onto my face and then use the warming makeup removal plate (with dual temperature settings ). I continue to massage my skin with the warming metal plate for about a minute or so. It breaks down makeup easily and then wipe all off with warm wet washcloth.

Panasonic Cleansing Brush Review + Giveaway - Ms tantrum BlogPanasonic Cleansing Brush Review + Giveaway - Ms tantrum Blog

Step 2 | Cleansing 

I used to use a gentle cleanser (creamy or foaming) as a second step in my double cleansing routine. Foaming cleanser was not preferred choice of cleanser until I tried The Cleansing brush by Panasonic Beauty which changed the whole cleansing game. The device comes with two brush attachments – A Soft brush with ultra fine tapered hygienic bristles and a Pore Focus brush – compact head with soft silicone pins.

Instructions for using Soft Brush

  1. Attach the soft brush to the device.
  2. Add your favorite foaming cleanser to the facial cleanser compartment (A) and close then fill measuring cup (B) with water and add to the center of the brush.
  3. Turn power on and enjoy a lush foam to form and then smooth across your face avoiding eye area.

The combination of soft cleansing brush with tapered bristles and lush foam will gently but deeply cleanse pores to remove oil and dirt. There won’t be any signs of dead skin.

Panasonic Cleansing Brush Review + Giveaway - Ms tantrum Blog
Facial cleanser compartment
Panasonic Cleansing Brush Review + Giveaway - Ms tantrum Blog
Measuring cup for adding water on to the center of brush head

Instruction for Pore-targeted cleansing

After completing the brush cleansing process with soft brush head (while foam is still on your face), continue to use this option by attaching Pore-Focus brush head to the device.

This brush head can be used to deep cleanse targeted area like on and around nose as well as chin.

Panasonic Cleansing Brush Review + Giveaway - Ms tantrum Blog
Pore focus brush head
Panasonic - The Cleansing Brush in action
Panasonic – The Cleansing Brush in action

The device comes with a charging cable to charge the inbuilt battery and has a red LED light indicator for charging.

Panasonic Cleansing Brush Review + Giveaway - Ms tantrum Blog
Charging the Cleansing Brush from Panasonic

Overall Thoughts

I can’t be any happier with my cleansing routine as this device has made my skin clearer, pores cleaner and cleansing more fun! There are no signs of congestion or blackheads on my t-zone which is so important for me. That extra two minutes for cleansing my skin is definitely worth investing. The device makes a great Christmas Gift for your loved one or even for treating yourself!

This Cleansing brush device can be purchased from Panasonic and Harvey Nichols.

You can now win one of this device if you enter Giveaway on my Instagram.

Until next time

Ash xo

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  1. Claire Middleton says:

    I love the look of this brush and like that it comes with an attachment. What a lovely giveaway!

  2. Claire Talks Beauty says:

    i am a big fan pf double cleansing too and i love using a brush !

  3. I wish you show more pictures of yourself, Ash! You look beautiful! I like that it has a cleanser compartment but is it easy to clean the compartment so it doesn’t get gross and gunky over time?

  4. What a lovely gadget for skin! I would totally love this for Christmas!!

  5. I love to double cleanse just to make sure my skin is extra squeaky clean. I personally use clarisonic but I might have to try this one as well!

  6. What a great giveaway Ash and fingers crossed, it would be the perfect xmas gift for me!! Happy Friday and happy new month 🙂


  7. This device looks very impressive and I am already a fan of your blog. I have always loved the products you have recommended to me so far and have made difference to my skin. Keeping my fingers crossed for the giveaway.

  8. Ally - Miss UK Beauty says:

    OMG Ash, so glad to see a glimpse of your face again. This device looks amazing. I have been seeing this on your instastories since past month or so and on your Instagram too. Trying my luck. Great review!

  9. Toni Robinson says:

    This sounds like a great product for someone who wants to really invest in their skincare. I agree with everyone else in that you really should show more photos of your beautiful self. Xx

    Toni | sheergloss

  10. This looks so good! I have the clairsonic but I like that this comes with different attachments!

  11. I was really looking for this face cleansing tool! Now, i know which one I will get – thanks babe

    Ankita | | Fashion & Beauty

  12. I love cleansing brushes…This one look great too. One that I am currently using is by clarisonic. I have the mirenesse one too….

  13. I love cleansing brushes…This one look great too.

  14. That seems to be a great product for deep cleansing your face, like a weekly thing. Are these available in India?

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