Pocket friendly highlighters

Budget friendly highlighters

Hey you beautiful peeps, Hope you’re well. You know I¬†am a sucker for blushes and highlighters. Today I am talking about drugstore highlighters that I have been loving ūüôā

  • Makeup Revolution’s Radiance Highlighter Palette |¬†¬£8

I have had this Makeup Revolution Radiance palette for a while now and I keep forgetting about it but recently I shopped my stash and found this beauty again.

The idea is similar to Hourglass Ambient lights palette where we have finely milled diffused¬†illuminators which creates an illusion that you are glowing from within. You can imaging how your highlight¬†will look when seen in diffused soft focus light, that’s the way these illuminators work. This palette has¬†three different shades – Breathe (Neutral Beige), Exhale (Cool toned cream shade) and Glow ( Warm toned gold shade) . Tbh, I¬†was not expecting much from this palette because of the price tag but I was totally surprised how finely milled these are and how stunning they look on the skin. This is totally a steal if you want good highlighters which are incredibly pigmented at a budget. This palette is often compared with Hourglass Ambient lights palette | ¬£56 which I do not have in my collection but I trust this would be comparable because MUR dupes high end products so well.


Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette

Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette swatches

Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette swatches

The palette comes with a full size mirror and the packaging is secure as well as travel friendly. Highly recommend this palette as you get a very good quality highlighters without breaking bank which is an absolute bargain!

  • Kiko Water¬†eyeshadow 208 Light Gold | ¬£8.90 (Initially priced at ¬£17.50 )

kiko 208 eyeshadow light gold


Yeah this is ‘the eyeshadow’ which is a dupe for Mac¬†MSF Whisper of Guilt highlighter (limited edition). This eye shadow is not easy to get hold of because there aren’t many KIKO stores in the UK plus the minimum spend on the Kiko website is ¬£25. The website doesnot allows you to check out until the minimum spend criteria is met ( That’s cheeky , I¬†know!). Even if you are ready to shop online, there is less chance that this eyeshadow is in stock (Haha, most wanted product from Kiko I guess). On to the highlighter/eyeshadow, this is a beautiful slightly shimmery gold eyeshadow which is so finely milled that it doesn’t look glittery. Though when I first swatched this, i did find it little chunky shimmer but after couple of swatches, it was so smooth and fine. May be it was just the wrong batch or just the top layer.

kiko 208 eyeshadow swatch

As this is not easy to get hold of plus there is not much product in the pan, i consider this as my high end highlighter. I would definitely freak out if this gets discontinued. This is travel friendly and also comes with a mirror. Amount of product you get in the pan is only 3 gms but you need to use just a little bit and i am sure no one wants to look like a disco ball. Definitely check this out if you like a gold highlighter and you were not able to get hold of Mac whisper of guilt.

Topshop Glow Pot - Gleam

This tiny little pot has all the glow, seriously i am not kidding! This is the best champagne cream highlighter I have ever used. You can read my detailed review here. This is such a pretty little thing that you will love to have in your vanity. I have used this so much and still i have quite a lot left in this tiny pot. It is out of stock most of the times so I need to pick this up whenever I see this on Topshop shelves. The glass pot is very sturdy and is very travel friendly. You can even use this as a highlight base for strobing effect and top it over with powder highlight to create an intense glow.

  • Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked highlighter – Golden Lights | ¬£3 | Review here

This is such a pretty highlighter and it looks similar to Mary lou Manizer . As I mentioned above, Makeup Revolution dupes products and this one is a good example. The only thing not so great about this highlighter is the packaging. This doesnot come with any mirror. But at this price, you can’t really complain as you are getting a good size pan with a gorgeous finely milled highlighter. You can read my detailed review here.

Makeup Revolution Vivid baked highlighter


  • MakeUp Academy Undress your skin highlighter – Iridescent Gold | ¬£3 | Review here

These budget friendly highlighters come in two shades – Pink Shimmer and Iridescent Gold. I have the¬†shade ‘Iridescent Gold’ which is a beautiful cream¬†gold colour and is¬†very pigmented. It has a fine shimmer without being chunky or glittery on the skin. Once applied on the face , it looks subtle and smooth. You can read full review here.

MUA Undress your skin highlighter


Budget highlighters on mstantrum.com

So these were my picks for budget highlighters. What are your picks for pocket friendly highlighters? Let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. Saba says:

    These look good!! Definitely want to try the kiko one.


    1. Thanks Saba ūüôā Yes, kiko is so pretty and definitely worth a try x

  2. MUR highlighters are super soft and buttery in texture. Nice compilation ūüôā

    1. Thanks Mariyam. Yes these are really nice xx

  3. I love both the KIKO and Topshop highlighters you featured! I need to dig out my MUR Radiance palette too – Breathe was a favourite of mine for ages

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jasmine. Isn’t Kiko one so pretty? I will be running out of Topshop Gleam and i can’t find it anywhere. Hope it is not discontinued. Breathe is so pretty xx

  4. These are all gorgeous. I’ve only had Topshop Glow before but I struggle with cream highlighters. xxx

    Sal | UmmBaby Beauty

    1. Thanks Darling. I saw that Polished advert and i really wanted to buy that but it went off quickly. I am not able to find Gleam or Polished on website atm, it looks nice in pictures..specially when glammed up. Love xx

  5. semmmm94 says:

    They look very pretty! And so cheap! I love the one from The balm and the one from W7 ūüôā lovely post!

    1. Thank you Sam for stopping by. Yes these are super pretty yet super affordable ūüôā
      I need to check out W7 one. Mary lou Manizer by The Balm Cosmetics is definitely the best at that price xx

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