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September beauty squadIts that time of the month again…well I am talking about Monthly Favorites here :) My makeup has been more on the autumn/fall lines lately..i have been loving berries, terracotta and warm shades when it comes to eye shadows and lip products.

I have never talked about this palette on my blog before but it is frequently seen on my Instagram on day to day basis and I get asked by so many people about this palette. This is also a very good dupe (in terms of most shades) from Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette so if you can’t get hold of ABH one or find it slightly pricey, I recommend getting this one. I am not a fan of shimmer shades in this palette but mattes and satins are great. I have been reaching for the following shades:

Vogue  Deep peach – satin finish

Trend – Terracotta – matte finish

New-Tral – Berry – satin finish

Tone – Cherry tone plum – matte finish

Makeup Revolution New-trals vs Neutrals swatches

This is the blush I purchased after watching readysetglamour video on YouTube. This blush particularly this shade is so stunning..its a vibrant coral and terracotta shades that looks absolutely stunning on medium to dark skintones. It blends beautifully and is super pigmented so you need to be careful and tap off the excess before applying to your cheeks. The blush lasts all day which we all want.. right? This was so inexpensive and has now been discontinued by BH Cosmetics but you can still found it on Amazon or Ebay. Sorry for sharing the discontinued item but its awesome so if you can get your hands on it, get it…you won’t regret!

I really love Clinique cheek pop blushes firstly the quality is amazing and they are affordable in high end range. The pigmentation of these blushes is just right. These transfer to skin beautifully and give a soft satin sheen. The flower design on the blush pan is really beautiful and make them stand out among other blushes. I like that the blush comes in transparent case which makes the colour clearly visible and you don’t have to check names to know the shades. Heather Pop is muted pinky mauve and is a perfect everyday blush for me.

BH cosmetics Tulip and Clinique Heather pop blush swatches

Studded kiss lipsticks from Kat Von D has fabulous chic packaging. KVD describes Lolita as dusty rose but this shade transfers slightly deeper than dusty rose and looks absolutely stunning. This shade is one of the best selling lipsticks of KVD and looks great on any skin tone. This brightens my face and it is one of those lipstick that can be worn in any season. The formula is comfortable matte but I still prefer to exfoliate my lips before wearing any matte lipstick. The brand claims these to last up to 10 hours but it does not last much on my lips specially with eating and drinking. So, you may need to reapply these after few hours.

Coloured Raine matte liquid paint – 24Seven | £15

The Colored Raine matte liquid paints come in sleek glass tube with striking pink lid and doe foot applicator. The formula is thin, comfortable matte and long lasting. Once applied, it takes about 50-60 seconds to set and once set, it won’t budge a little unless you consume greasy food. It fades slightly on inner corners of mouth after eating greasy food. This liquid lipstick is best to remove with oil based makeup removers or even with coconut oil.

Coloured Raine is a cruelty free brand.

Coloured Raine 24Seven and Kat Von D Lolita swatches

This mascara comes in beautiful gold packaging and does an excellent job of plumping up the drama by increasing the volume as well as length of the lashes without much clumping. The shade is extremely black which i love about this mascara. However, the brush is narrow on the center and thicker at the end or an overall hourglass shape which makes it extremely difficult to use on lower lashes. So, keep this in mind and try using only on upper lashes.

STILA extremely huge lashes mascara

This oil was featured in my comparison post on Super Facialist facial oils here. This cleansing oil is just so fresh and takes you to spring & summer as soon as you open this bottle. The smell is citrus-y and very fresh. I use this as a makeup remover as it melts the makeup easily in seconds after rubbing onto face. I remove the oil with a wet warm flannel and then use any cleanser to remove any traces of oil. I do not have to use micellar water over this oil as it does the job perfectly. This feels very luxurious on the skin and is so affordable which I think is fabulous for an in-between Drugstore to High-end skincare. Definitely check this out.

This cleansing gel is blended with a complexion-boosting mix of green tea, soothing chamomile, cucumber and avocado oil. This is a soap-free cleanser which is gentle enough to use on even the most delicate skin and is non-drying, so skin is left feeling soft and moisturized. The cleanser works to remove impurities and excess oils, all you have to do is take a small amount of cleanser on to dampen hands and massage it on your face, it will lather up with the help of some water. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry :). This cleanser is so gentle that it doesn’t strip natural oils of your skin. I think this cleanser will be my most used cleanser in colder months too. If you have TK Maxx near you, the Sukin Skincare range can be found at much cheaper prices there. I recently bought a backup of my Sukin moisturiser from TK Maxx 🙂

Thank you for reading. What products have you been loving in September? Do we share any common faves?  I appreciate each  feedback/comment and will get back as soon as possible.

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  1. I need to dig out that MUR palette as it’s perfect for Autumn! I love all the blushes and your lipsticks choices, my kind of shades 🙂 And I’m a big fan of the Super Facialist Cleansing Oil as well 🙂 x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  2. I think I’ve finally caved and have to get the MR palette. Unfortunately, I have so many! But the price comparison to the ABH palette is just too good! I’ve seen a lot of products albeit hair from Sukin in TK Maxx. Perhaps I’ll have to pick some up and discover some more. Great picks!


  3. That makeup revolution palette is gorgeous and such a great dupe for the ABH MR! I hope Ulta will get this palette! Both those lipsticks you picked for this month are gorgeous and perfect for transitioning from summer to fall 🙂

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  4. Loved your faves. All products are great.

  5. Great post!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

    1. Thanks for reading 🙂

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