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Skin defending range from Shiseido

When it comes to skincare, Japanese Beauty brands have been industry leaders for many years now! Harnessing over 145 years of Japanese beauty wisdom, Shiseido’s extensive array of make-up and skincare is the perfect way to embrace all things ‘J-Beauty’. Shiseido’s Ultimune Power range is all about keeping your skin’s inner defenses strong, even in the harshest of environments.

As a busy mum of two kids especially with a new baby, I want my skincare to be quick and effective. And my focus areas are dehydration, pigmentation, and dullness due to an exhausting schedule. This is where Shiseido’s Ultimune Power range came into play.

Shiseido Ultimune Infusing Concentrate Bundle aims to make your complexion healthy and radiant with the brand’s two bestselling and much-loved products. These products protect against signs of ageing and make the skin radiant.

Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

This is an anti-aging concentrate that protects and treats the skin. This pre-treatment serum protects against wrinkle-causing free radicals, hydrates, and strengthens the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Shiseido’s Ultimune range promises to deliver the best possible version of your skin. This is a powerful anti-oxidant, a hyaluronic-rich serum which when used as a pre-treatment, enhances the effects of other serums and moisturizers on top. When used on its own, it helps in making skin 28% stronger and protects it from daily damage. Skin looks hydrated, smooth, firm and so much better.

Key Ingredients

Ultimune is powered by Shiseido’s ImuGeneration technology. It uses botanical extracts of Reishi Mushroom and Iris Root to encourage skin to defend itself.

  • Reishi Mushrooms act as rich antioxidants which are known to hydrate and visibly reduce signs of ageing. These mushrooms are prized for its strong immunity-enhancing powers.
  • Iris root is a plant recognized for its vitality and ability to keep skin moisturized. Even after being left in the desert for a year, it will grow buds in the soil. Together, these ingredients are naturally powerful age defenders for strong, healthy-looking skin.

The hydrating serum is also infused with Shiseido’s exclusive Ultimune Complex™ (a trio of 3 ingredients).

  • Bulgarian rose water – Promotes type 1 collagen production
  • ß-glucan – Enhances declined functions of Langerhans cells
  • Aqua-in-pool – Maintains moisture in the stratum corneum and reinforces its barrier function,

Bulgarian Rose Water, Aqua in Pool and Yeast Extract work in unison to deliver protective and strengthening benefits to the skin. A botanical blend of Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract, Shiso and Thyme enhance a refined and radiant surface.

Finally, ImuCalm Compound™ releases its light, comforting fragrance for a truly luxurious experience. This Shiseido serum helps to defend against visible signs of ageing as it thoroughly rejuvenates the skin, leaving complexions plump and bright.

How to Use: This concentrate serum can be used morning and evening. Pump a small amount onto the palm, then smooth across the face in circular motions.

Thoughts: I have been using this serum for a while now and have noticed my skin looks more nourished and hydrated. I can not comment on the anti-oxidant part as that can’t be seen right now but can be noticed in the long run. I will continue using this serum as a pre-treatment to enhance any serum and moisturizer I apply on top.

Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate

The area around our eyes is the most delicate, and every time we rub our eyes or remove makeup rigorously, we do some damage to the delicate skin around it. This is a powerhouse concentrate serum and ultra-lightweight eye cream in one. This serum defends the delicate skin around the eyes, targetting dryness, fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, and loss of resilience. This fast-acting serum gets to work, visibly improving the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, roughness, and dullness while boosting the skin’s resilience in just 1 week.

Key Ingredients
  • Reishi Mushroom is rich in antioxidants known to hydrate and visibly reduce aging.
  • Iris root is recognized for its vitality and ability to keep skin moisturized. Together these ingredients are naturally powerful age defenders for strong, healthy-looking skin.

Ultimune is powered by ImuGeneration Technology™ that helps to enhance the skin’s inner defense system while improving its outward appearance. The Smoothing Defense Complex provides a shield-like effect to help reduce friction damage from rubbing and rigorous makeup removal.

How to use: Just apply one pump to eye area day and night.

Thoughts: I can certainly tell the difference in the skin around my eyes. My eye area looks hydrated and there are no signs of puffiness. I am using this concentrate under another eye cream and that’s because this one is very light and sinks into the skin so easily. I love the texture and consistency. For mornings, I would just use this concentrate when I apply my skincare and continue with my makeup. For evenings, I would use an eye cream on top but you can totally use it on its own. It is just gorgeous!!

With over two weeks of continuous use, I can say my face looks radiant and brighter. It looks fresh, more even, and well hydrated. The skin under my eyes looks better too. I noticed I have not been using a lot of concealer to cover my dark circles which clearly says it all! My husband couldn’t pinpoint what’s looking better on my face but he did give me a compliment that I’m looking good generally. Blush, Blush!!

Until next time, Ashh xo

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