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Summer in a Bottle – Oud Jaune Intense

When sustainability and luxury are combined, we get Fragrance du Bois – A prestigious fragrance house that makes luxurious, high-end, niche oud fragrances.

Oud (sometimes called ‘liquid gold’) is an endangered species and is obtained from the dark resinous wood of the Aquilaria tree. This resin occurs in less than 7% of trees, in the wild which is why the material is so precious & sought-after in the fragrance industry. Fragrance du Bois condemns the use of Oud obtained from illegal sources and therefore partnered with a plantation company in Asia to source sustainably and ethically.

The amount of Oud FDB buys is massive and therefore the brand has been supporting the villages in Northern Thailand by creating a lot of jobs for farmers, harvesters, and workers. They plant a seed – watch it grow, harvest it and get the oil to use in their fragrances. As a Sustainable brand, FDB feels accountable for the ethical source of the ingredients. That is why every FDB fragrance comes with a certificate along with GPS coordinates of a place where the tree is grown along with a wood chip from the tree (to make sure it is a real deal!)

Sustainability: All the Oud fragrances from Fragrance du Bois contain 100% real organic Vintage Oud oil from sustainable sources Certified by CITES. The oil is aged and matured for several years before it is added to the perfumes. Not only this, the outer packaging (boxes, cartons, and sleeves) is made of fully recyclable or biodegradable paper. The brand uses sustainably certified packaging. The wood chips that come with the fragrance are biodegradable. All parcel deliveries are zero carbon, and the delivery boxes are 100% recyclable.

Packaging: Needless to say, the fragrance bottles from FDB stand out! The fragrance comes in a heavy glass bottle with a weighted metal lid. The lid has Swarovski embellishments on the neck. The bottle comes in a very stylish black velvet case with gold detailing. When you open the box, the fragrance sits in the gorgeous satin bed. This looks like a box of an expensive jewelry piece. This obviously showcases every little detail added to this luxurious fragrance.

Oud Jaune Intense is a part of Fragrance du Bois’ Shades du Bois Collection (which is the first collection from the brand) and Nathalie Cetto is the nose behind this gorgeous creation. This fragrance was launched in 2013.

Top Notes – Monoi, Ylang Ylang, Pineapple, Water Fruits

Middle Notes – Jasmine, Orange Blossom, White Flowers, Salicyalate

Base Notes – Lactonic, Vanilla, Musk, 100% pure organic vintage Oud

This is an intoxicating oriental floral fragrance, as enchanting as it is exotic, with an optimistic hue.

A sparkling fruity-floral melange of exotic monoi, elegant ylang-ylang, and juicy pineapple, subtly gives way to a white floral heart of jasmine and orange blossom. The pervasive Oud adds richness and a beguiling quality to a long-lasting milky, vanilla, and musky base.

This is one of the smoothest fragrances from Fragrance du Bois. This fruity-floral fragrance will transport you to a tropical island where your senses will be filled with florals, bright juicy fruits, and woods. It has got sensual floral faucets of creamy white florals, bright punchy pineapple (think pina colada), and smooth vanilla. Oud is in the background and ties everything together. Vanilla and musk develop later in the dry down making the composition a bit sensual and rich.

Performance: On initial spray, the projection is enormous for the first 2 hours and gradually gets softer before becoming a skin scent but I love that it stays until I take a shower.

Price: Oud Jaune Intense retails from £125 for 15ml to £495 for 100ml. High-quality sustainable ingredients justify the price of this fragrance plus it is unique and the fragrances from Fragrance du Bois are almost Bespoke as the notes change specific to your own body chemistry. You get your own signature fragrance and no other person would smell like you!

Final thoughts: Oud Jaune Intense is a tropical bliss. It is so intoxicating, joyful, and uplifting. It honestly makes me so happy. I feel like I am transported to a sunny beach drinking a fruity cocktail. It is a non-intrusive fragrance – so versatile and easy to please. It will be absolutely amazing in summer but I would be wearing it throughout the year. It is great for spring, summer, autumn, and for both day and night.

Oud Jaune Intense is a part of Selfridges‘ Project Earth and British Makers Edit. By choosing this product you’re helping in creating a more sustainable future for people and the planet. You’re also supporting the heritage and skills of British makers.

You can also find Oud Jaune Intense from Jovoy Mayfair in London.

Until next time, Ashh xo

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  1. Sarah B says:

    I have never tried a fresh or citrus version of oud fragrance. I am so tempted to get me a bottle of Oud Jaune.

  2. Missukbeauty says:

    I felt Oud was always so oriental and heavy, suitable more for colder months. This is interesting.

  3. I learned so much from this post! That fragrance sounds amazing.

  4. Love this! Will have to check it out now! 🤍

  5. Lizzie says:

    Oooo this is gorgeous! I bet it smells amazing too!


  6. That fragrance is such a piece of art. I like it so much.

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  7. This bottle is absolutely gorgeous 😍 I bet it smells so good!!!!

  8. Really need to check out this brand!!

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  9. I LOVE that this brand practices sustainability! And such a fabulous name and gorgeous bottle!

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