SUQQU skincare – A Few products you MUST try!

SUQQU’s skincare has got a cult following including the likes of the designer Victoria Beckham. You might have seen the VIALUME range (which is a luxe line from SUQQU) which is my absolute favorite. I have been trying some of SUQQU’s skincare products from the regular line as well and I am quite impressed!

SUQQU Enrich Foaming Wash – If you like foaming cleansers, SUQQU has got the most cushion-y one loaded with skin-loving ingredients that form a conditioning, bouncy lather to lift impurities. It is creamy, fine, and lathers nicely. The face wash uses tremella fuciformis polysaccharide and hyaluronic acid to moisturize as it cleanses, and fermented rice extract ( sake ) that keeps moisture locked in. The cleanser feels good on the skin and leaves my skin very refreshed and clean, but not dry. It is really nice for a basic face wash.

SUQQU Pore cleansing serum – I will have to admit that the name of this cleansing serum got me confused but also intrigued at the same time. You’d also think that how would a serum do the cleansing action; or where does this product fits in the skincare routine. The multipurpose pore cleansing serum from SUQQU works to eliminate keratin plugs in your pores, washes away excess sebum and moisturizes at the same time. Its Melting Clear formula has a gorgeous blend of naturally hydrating ingredients and has a texture and consistency that adheres to your skin to gently draw out impurities while keeping the skin hydrated. I personally wouldn’t use it all over my face. I prefer to use it as a selective surface cleanser like the areas of my face which need a bit of deep cleansing for e.g. nose or t-zone. I would just wash my face and then apply an appropriate amount of this serum over the required area of my face and massage it in and then gently wash it with lukewarm water to reveal clean and radiant skin.

SUQQU Scented Hydrating Mist – Newest in my routine is the scented hydrating mist from SUQQU. This mist moisturizes and refreshes the skin. This mist can be used to set makeup and prolong its wear, all while energizing and uplifting with the original White Tea SUQQU scent – a spa-like fragrance that offers an instant sense of calm. For warmer days, I like to use it throughout the day whenever my skin is thirsting for a little pick-me-up.

SUQQU Multi Skin Protector SPF 50 – Who doesn’t like soaking some sun?! However, it comes with some side effects too. A price that we pay in the long term if we don’t protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. One of my favorites is the Multi Skin Protector from SUQQU that preventing signs of ageing and unwanted pigmentation. This lightweight sunscreen features advanced UV-blocking technologies that create a translucent barrier on the skin, without interfering with makeup. This SPF has moisturizing botanicals that help in achieving a perfectly hydrated, glowing complexion. The super-lightweight formula makes it a treat to use!

SUQQU Lip Concentrate BalmThough I only have a tiny sample, I love it so much! If you like juicy, plump lips, this is the lip balm to have in your bag at all times!! This intensive lip balm penetrates deep and injects an instant dose of moisture to provide long-lasting hydration. The lips balm has Japanese-native botanicals to promote blood flow, eliminating dullness and enhancing the tone of the lips. The conditioning oils give a plump and fuller look to the lips. The result is super-happy, juicy lips!!

Have you tried SUQQU’s skincare line yet?

Until next time, Ashh xo

*This post features press samples. Opinions are my own and unbiased.


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  1. The lip balm sounds great!

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    I must try the mist.

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    The new mist sounds lovely.

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