Tips Tuesday : Bye bye to Puffy eyes

Tip Tuesday | How to reduce puffiness around eyes?


Puffy eyes can occur due to several reasons like hangover, late night sleeping, allergic reaction, bad diet, hormonal issues etc. Waking up with puffy eyes specially before a big event can be really frustrating. However, home remedies can instantly help reduce puffiness around eyes.

Green Tea and Black Tea bags are really helpful in getting rid of puffiness or reduce it to an extent. I have personally tried this tip with Green Tea bags. Here’s what you need to do 🙂

  1. Put 2 used tea bags in the refrigerator for around 30 minutes.
  2. Place the cold tea bags on your closed eyelids.
  3. Sit back comfortably and relax for 15-20 minutes with tea bags on your eyelids.
  4. Remove tea bags and splash cold water on your eyes and you’re done.

You will see significant results in just one use if the puffiness is temporary. If you have permanent puffiness around your eyes, using this tip twice daily until you see results might help.

What are your skin concerns? Give me some ideas about what to post next. Also, do let me know if you are going to try this tip. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t forget to leave your blog address or instagram id for me to connect with you. Thanks for reading. Love you!


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6 thoughts on “Tips Tuesday : Bye bye to Puffy eyes”

    1. Thanks for reading Danielle. Im loving clinique eye cream but this tip also works. I have tried this on days I used to get puffiness due to lack of sleep after becoming Mommy.

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