Verso Skincare | What makes it so different?

Verso Skincare

Verso is a latin word that means Reverse and Verso Skincare means reversing time or reversing the signs of ageing.

Verso Skincare (A Luxury Swedish Skincare Brand) is proven to make your skin appear younger and healthier. It has a formula that helps the skin cells to mimic how young cells behave.

A Modern Skincare Revolution “This is definitely a milestone within modern skincare”, says Lars Fredriksson, the man behind Verso Skincare and the developer of the substance Retinol 8.

Retinol has been the most proven effective substance in anti aging skincare products. A well-known side effect however is that it can irritate the skin. Another drawback is that it should not be used in direct sunlight. Retinol 8 contains a new Vitamin A acid derivative that is 8 times more potent than traditional retinol, and in addition, it is stable and gentle for the skin.

The main ingredient in Retinol 8 is a stable substance that is minimally affected by UV radiation and oxygen (contrary to regular retinol, which is a sensitive substance).

The active ingredient is so potent that only a small concentration is needed to achieve visible results. This product can be used daily unlike other retinol products and can be used in sunlight. However, I still suggest you to always wear sunscreen/SPF even if you are not using Retinol products.

On to the products, the packaging is minimalistic, simple and chic with numbers marked as a step in your skincare routine which is obviously fail-proof.

Verso Skincare

This foaming cleanser will purify the skin without disrupting the skin’s protective function. It gently removes light make-up and impurities, leaving the skin translucent and clean.

I usually use this as my Day Cleanser or as a second cleanser after removing my makeup. It removes all impurities or last traces of makeup effortlessly. This is a very luxurious cleanser and is a treat to use.

This is a moisturizing and protecting day cream with Retinol 8 complex. It helps to activate the skin and to stimulate its natural production of collagen, reversing the signs of aging. The addition of Vitamin B3 increases skin luminosity. The cream also contains sun filters which help to protect the skin from premature aging. Regular use will make the skin appear younger, fresher and more translucent.

This cream doesn’t feel heavy on skin and can be easily applied under makeup. I prefer this over my regular moisturiser during day time because this has anti aging benefits along with moisturising the skin. So Why not?

Verso Skincare

This is a healing and strengthening super facial serum with a high dose of Retinol 8 complex for maximum effect. This fluid serum has a transformational effect on the skin. It aids the skin’s natural production of collagen, reversing the signs of aging. The result of regular use is a brighter, more illuminated look to your skin with improved texture and a visible reduction of pigment spots and wrinkles.

My skin is getting brighter with its use. However, I need to use this more to have a proper say on this one as you expect with serums. These have to be used regularly and they boost the performance of treatments and moisturisers. I would like to try Night Cream from Verso next and use this serum under night cream to get maximum benefits.

Verso Skincare

This lip serum is a bomb. Seriously, you see the effects with first use. I never thought I would need a lip serum but this is amazing. It immediately plumps the lips in a good way and fills the fine lines. It rehabilitates dry , dehydrated lips and reverses the thinning of lips with time.  A must for those whose lips are starting to lose youthful plumpness, as well as those with a heavily lined lip contour, apply on and around the lips to rapidly replenish and refine.

Hope this post is helpful for you to choose your anti ageing products carefully.

Much love

Ash xoxo

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*The products were kindly gifted to me for PR purposes and I am grateful for that. My opinions are however genuine and unbiased.

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    1. Yes Dagmara, these are bit expensive but definitely something that works and not restricted to only night time skincare routines. These are not affected by sunlight/UV rays which is a plus.

  1. I saw these on Cult Beauty and wanted to try these. I can’t wait to order Lip Serum and Day Moisturiser. I think these two will be regularly used by me.

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