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A serum is the most potent source of active delivery; it is an essential element in the skin care regime. When you get two serums in one bottle, it is definitely one to check out! W=HB2 (Wellness = Health x Beauty²) is a young premium beauty brand committed to perfection through the science of wellbeing. The brand is created by leading Bio-Chemist, Yilin Wang, W=HB² and has been researched, developed and produced in one of the leading skincare laboratories in Switzerland. The brand launched its debut product ‘Power Duo Face Serum‘ which is a combination product and contains niacinimide + probiotic and Alpine Rose stem cells and takes inspiration from the Chinese Yin Yang philosophy which is all about finding the right balance.

There are two pumps and you use one formula after the other so it’s essentially like two products in one bottle.

What is ‘la formule secrète’?

W=Hb2 embraces the duality with the belief that true beauty is defined by your inner health, peace and spiritual wellbeing. Wellness = (Health x beauty)Squared or W = Hb2

Yilin, the founder devised a formula that when translated into the world of health and beauty, she believes can help unlock wellness.

W=HB2 Power Duo Face Serum review - Ms Tantrum Blog

W=HB2 Power Duo Face Serum review - Ms Tantrum Blog

The debut W=Hb² product is the double pump Power Duo Face Serum – a two-phase, fragrance-free, triple action skincare treatment. This unique serum combines a powerful anti-aging action for skin beauty in phase I with intense brightening and pure anti-pollution actions for skin health in phase II. The ingredients in each serum are balanced for maximum effectiveness and both contain unique stem cells and peptides. W=Hb² they avoid commercially negative ingredients that can contribute to imbalance.

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This sophisticated; sleek, two-phase, triple action skin care treatment helps promote balanced skin health, beauty and protection. A radiant, supple complexion and adaptable protection is achieved through a complex.

W=HB2 Power Duo Face Serum review - Ms Tantrum Blog

Phase I for an age resistance and radiance system and Phase II for barrier protection to skin stress and environmental onslaught. By targeting cellular renewal, mobility and integrity while protecting externally, balance is achieved.

Key Ingredients

Phase I – Beauty
Tri-Active Age Corrector Complex
1. PhytoCellTec Alpine Rose Stem Cell: encourages skin stem cell vitality.
2. Biotechnological Tri-Peptide: boosts collagen production.
3. Probiotic Bacterium: skin barrier strengthening. + Botanical Sodium Hyaluronate: hydration.

Phase II – Health
Tri-Active Brightening & Anti-Pollution Complex
1. Niacinamide: UV & blue light damage repair, skin brightening.
2. Moringa Seed Pure Cure Peptide: pollutant purification.
3. Raspberry Stem Cell Technology: ageing environmental stress guard. + Sodium Hyaluronate: hydration.


  • Vegan
  • Suitable for everyone irrespective of skin type, ethnicity or life stage.
  • Free from fragrance and artificial colour.
  • Free from commercially sensitive parabens.
  • Climate adaptable to take you around the world and through the seasons.

Made in Switzerland

The serum is personally developed in the laboratories of leading skin care experts in Switzerland.

Availability & Price

The Power Duo Face Serum is suitable for all and is now available for £110 from whb2.co.uk

Overall thoughts

This serum works on layering concept where you use step 1 to beautify your skin and when serum 1 is fully absorbed into the skin, you layer on step 2 for overall health of the skin. These fragrance-free duo serums have lightweight gel consistency and get absorbed really quickly so you do not have to wait too long in between the steps. These need to be applied after cleansing and you may continue with your normal skincare regimen after using these serums.

My skin looks more nourished, healthy and radiant after using this power duo for a while. I will continue using it for continued benefits. The price may be a deciding factor for some but its a luxury product. The actives are good and the serum truly delivers!

You can now use code MSTANTRUM15 to get 15% off your purchase at whb2.co.uk (Offer valid till 12th Sept).

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  1. Catherine Williams says:

    Haven’t seen this serum before but it looks posh and interesting. I love the packaging.

    Cathy x

  2. Ally Lane says:

    Two pumps in one product is quite interesting x

  3. jenniferpickering22gmailcom says:

    I really like the 2 pumps! It’s a bit over my price range though!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  4. Wow this really looks so nice and useful ..Thanks for bringing never tried this!!

  5. The bottle is so sleek! I love vegan products and its good for skin. Its good to know that they are not claiming brighter skin tone rather skin will become fresh and hydrated.

  6. The package is so beautiful. bottle with two pumps for two serum is something unique.

  7. I love the packaging of the product. The serum looks promising. The fact that two serums are clubbed in one bottle in an absolutely innovative way is a sure winner for me.

  8. This is a really unique concept. I like the idea of combining beauty and wellness in the same product with a layering concept.

  9. Harneet K Khurana says:

    that is an amazing product. can i use it ? i am almost 36 and never used any anti aging products

  10. Monica says:

    The bottle is so so classy man! 😍 The concept of 2 serums in one is truely Unique! Would love to try this

  11. I’ve never been one to use too many products for my face. But your pictures and clear review makes me wonder if I should give it a try

  12. Such an innovative thought of using two serums in one bottle for their effective results. Loved this product but yes the price is a big hiccup.

  13. elise says:

    omg this sounds amazing!!! I need to try it!

  14. The packaging alone looks so luxurious!

  15. Papri Ganguly says:

    Unique concept! Love the name and packaging. Formula wise, it seems promising.

  16. This looks like effective skin care remedy to keep them rejuvenating on the go.

  17. It looks quite luxurious…how much does it cost?

  18. I soooo need these products in my life!

  19. Its such a unique concept. I love their packaging – elegant and luxurious.

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