ALIEN by Mugler

Alien by Thierry Mugler

This whole quarantine situation has reduced productivity and I cannot stop sanitizing every single thing in my house. I might be freaking out but I feel I am developing some kind of OCD and the fear of getting into contact with any sort of infection scares me. This also includes washing up hands often and the soaps, as well as sanitizers, can be so harsh on the skin. Proper hand care is essential to keep your hands clean as well as moisturized at all times. I will share some of my faves in the handcare category in one of my upcoming posts.

It is all about Alien Eau de Parfum – Thierry Mugler’s one of the most popular creations in today’s blog. This fragrance from Mugler is a magic elixir with warm white amber in the base, woodsy heart and bright jasmine at top. Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyere are the noses behind this creation and the fragrance was launched in 2005.


The bottle design is striking and very interesting. The bottle is made of purple glass and is shaped like a soldier with a cape (that’s what my son described it and I would totally agree with him!). The bottle comes in a normal white card box packaging with gold and purple text embossed on it.


Top Notes: Jasmine

Middle Notes: Cashmere Wood

Base Notes: Amber Fragrance Category: Oriental, Woody


Alien Eau de Parfum opens up with bright Sambac Jasmine and the heart is magical with cashmere wood with some musky character. The dry down is absolutely gorgeous with white Amber notes.


This is a stand-out fragrance and performs really well in both summer and winter. The projection is mind-blowing and it will turn heads as soon as you enter the room. It lasts for hours and doesn’t wear off easily.

Overall thoughts

This is a pretty strong fragrance and you can either love it or just hate it. There is no in-between for such fragrances. This is not unique by any means (as I have smelt similar fragrance many times while growing up and it instantly took me back to those years) but is so distinctive that it leaves a mark in your mind.

This fragrance conveys passion, sensuality and the essence of absolute feminism. This is a compliment-getter from both men and women. I do not suggest this one for work but I absolutely recommend this for going out.

Until next time, stay safe! Ashh xo

*This fragrance was gifted by Notino for review purposes. Opinions are my own and unbiased.


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  1. Angel is the best perfume from the brand, hands down. The others are just okay.

  2. jenniferpickering22gmailcom says:

    I absolutely love the packaging!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  3. Courtney Byers says:

    I am doing the same with sanitizers and washing my hands. My hands are sooooo dry. This sounds lovely and I love that packaging. Gorgeous!

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