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Bioderma has been my old trusted brand when it comes to sensitive skin. I have been using their Sensibio Micellar water for many years now and I also mentioned this French Farmacy brand in one of the magazine features for International Women’s Day.

With age, stress, sun-effects, pollution and pregnancy can alter our skin making it hyper-pigmented. Hyperpigmentation is an unusual melanin overproduction that alters the original complexion. I have sensitive dry skin and had a visible hyperpigmentation patch on cheekbones (more prominent on right side of my face). This happened after pregnancy and this runs in my family. My mom and sister also have a similar patch on their cheekbones. I think they also got it after their pregnancy. Anyhow, I managed to treat that with good skincare but I know my skin is prone to get it again.

Bioderma Pigmentbio range

Pigmentbio range offers a comprehensive routine for sensitive skin wanting to effectively combat pigmentation problems. Its LumiReveal™ Technology acts on key steps of pigmentation, to reduce dark spots,  prevent new ones from appearing and restore skin’s original brightness, lastingly.  Its unique balance between efficacy and tolerance enables to obtain immediate and long lasting results while respecting skin sensitivity.

I tried some of the products from the range for a good few weeks and I’m all ready to share my thoughts with you all!

Pigmentbio H2O gently cleanses and removes make-up from face and eyes. This is specially formulated for skin with pigmentation disorders. This micellar water is for hyperpigmented and sensitive skin, to start prevent dark spots and optimize the efficacy of the next skincare.

This is an exfoliating brightening cleanser that promotes the disappearance of dark spots and keeps them from reappearing. This cleanser has AHAs (citric acid)  and Cellulose acetate micro-beads that gently exfoliate, remove impurities and smooth the complexion, revealing skin’s brightness. The cleanser also has some moisturising ingredients like coco glucoside and glyceryl oleate that improve hydration and leave the skin comfortable. This cleanser has some fragrance but nothing uncomfortable.

Daily Care SPF 50+ helps reduce melanin production and boosts cell renewal to promote the elimination of installed dark spots and unify the complexion.  This features LUMIREVEAL™ Technology which has a cocktail of Vit. C, E and PP.

  • Vitamins C AND E protect skin from pollution, UVA/UVB, and oxydative stress which trigger premature skin ageing, the first signs being dark spots.
  • Vitamin PP strengthens the cutaneous barrier and brings a lasting hydration to the skin.

These days I am spending most of my mornings in the sun (either through our bedroom’s window or garden). I have been using this daily care spf 50+ every morning after cleansing my face with foaming cream.

Bioderma Pigmentbio range

After cleansing every evening, I like to treat my skin with a serum! C-Concentrate is a brightening pigmentation corrector serum – a high security Vitamin C for curing intense pigmentation issues.

Pigmentbio C-Concentrate’s high concentration in AHA offers peeling-like efficacy without attacking skin and without drying it out thanks to the 8 hours of hydration it provides.

  • It works on each biological stage of dark spot formation, to eliminate them whether they are just appearing or established
  • It prevents the formation of new spots linked to skin damage and the resulting inflammation
  • It optimises cell renewal to eliminate the excess melanin in cells.

This is a regenerating night cream for sensitive skin that targets hyperpigmentation. At night, skin switches to recovery mode, and its renewal process kicks in, which makes it the ideal time to tackle dark spots, loss of radiance, and firmness. The lightweight, watery sleeping mask will help to reduce the appearance of existing dark spots and prevent new ones from reappearing, while illuminating and unifying skin tone.

Vitamin C and E protect skin from pollution, oxidative stress, and premature ageing. At the same time, vitamin PP strengthens the skin’s barrier function, and forms a protective layer of hydration to offer continuous action all night long.

The Pigmentbio cream restores collagen production, smoothing fine lines, wrinkles, and improving elasticity, which results in plumper and more supple skin. It encourages skin cell renewal, creating a rejuvenated and brighter complexion overnight.

These products work great in harmony with eachother and are perfect for sensitive skin. These not only help in treating pigmentation but also prevents excess melanin production. My skin is both sensitive and prone to hyperpigmentation and I believe these products are really helping my skin so far.

Until next time, Ashh xo

*These products were very kindly gifted to me for review purposes. Opinion is my own and unbiased.


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  1. Products sound amazing! The SPF +50 is what I could use!

  2. These products sound amazing! I definitely need to check them out!

    Emily |

  3. I adore Bioderma so thank you for this review, I will look for these products here!

  4. jenniferpickering22gmailcom says:

    I’d love to try the c-concentrate!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  5. Courtney Byers-A Byers Guide says:

    These products sounds great! I have really sensitive skin, so I need to try them. I also agree that 50 spf is important.

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