BEST Rose fragrances you need to get your nose on!

BEST Rose fragrances you need to get your nose on!

Rose Fragrances do not have a very good reputation and when we say a rose scent, most people associate it with a grandma-type scent. However, there are some amazing rose fragrances that are anything but old school. Here, in this post, I have curated a list of some of the BEST roses that you need to get your nose on. Trust me, you’ll thank me later! Also, a major thank you to everyone who voted when I conducted a poll for Rose vs Floral Bouquet on my Instagram Stories. Let’s do this!

Fragrance du Bois Siberian Rose - Ms Tantrum Blog by Ashh
Fragrance du Bois Siberian Rose - Ms Tantrum Blog by Ashh

Fragrance du Bois Siberian Rose – Newest to my Rose Collection is Siberian Rose from fragrance du Bois – A stunner from Perfumer Shadi Samra. Being a fan of his work in the past, I wanted to get my nose on Siberian Rose and I have to say it is gorgeous! As the name suggests, Siberian Rose was created with white floral accords keeping white snowy winters of Siberia in mind and relates to the white Siberian Rose. The fragrance opens with fruity spicy notes of cinnamon, juniper, pear, and pink pepper, and then the floral journey begins with a white heart note with tuberose, white rose, ylang-ylang, and a rich touch of leather. The composition lies on a harmonious base of patchouli, amber, and moss. The leather is added to the fragrance to represent the wildlife of Siberia. The leather adds an edgy twist to the fragrance without being dominant – making it slightly complex yet so sensual. The fragrance is not as strong as you’d think and stays close to you but is very long-lasting. Siberian Rose is great for all seasons and occasions and would be a safe blind buy. Men can easily pull this off but I recommend this highly for classy independent women who know what they want.

Matiere Premiere Radical Rose – Radical Rose has Rose Centifolia Absolute from Aurélien’s own Rose Centifolia Organic Farm (Ecocert®) with a bit of saffron and pepper. It has berries oil, a hint of Patchouli, and labdanum. The spicy notes of saffron and pepper berries are there to bring out the brightness of the rose and patchouli to emphasize the woodiness. It is a very classy, a bit deep (not dark), rich, mysterious, sophisticated, and grown-up (not an old lady) scent. The rose has a weight and body to it. It is slightly sweet and has a honey-like aroma. It is woody, floral, bright, slightly fruity, and spicy. It is a head-turner but not offensive. It smells very modern, powerful, and expensive. It captivates everyone around you and is a compliment-getter!

Matiere Premiere Parfums Radical Rose - Ms Tantrum Blog by Ashh
Matiere Premiere Parfums Radical Rose - Ms Tantrum Blog by Ashh
OSTENS Impression Rose Oil Isparta - Ms Tantrum Blog by Ashh
OSTENS Impression Rose Oil Isparta - Ms Tantrum Blog by Ashh

Ostens Impression Rose Oil Isparta – A fresh, dewy rose with citrusy and spicy elements and ripe, jammy blackcurrant heart and woodsy base. A rose in its purest form supported by pink pepper to give an interesting twist – A masterpiece from Perfumer Dominic Ropion! This is an intense interpretation of the rose and is so enveloping. Bold & Voluptuous, this rose fragrance has a middle eastern vibe and is oh so addictive! You also get the ingredient – Préparation oil with each fragrance from Ostens – How cool is that?!

Fragrance du Bois Oud Rose Intense Parfum – Oud and Rose are a popular combination and this stunner from Fragrance du Bois is a huge compliment-getter! Needless to say, the bottles with Swarovski embellishments on the neck stand out! The bottle comes in a very stylish velvet case with satin material on the inside.  The fragrance opens with fresh bergamot combined with fruity notes followed by a heart of rose, geranium, sandalwood, and amber.  The dry down consists of 100% pure organic Oud that leaves an intoxicating trail. This fragrance will make you feel very polished, sophisticated, and classy. The fragrance is well suited for fancy dinners, red carpet events, special evenings, or occasions when you want to turn heads and stand out from the crowd. This is one of the easily like-able Oud Rose combinations that is so addictive that you won’t stop wearing it.

Fragrance du Bois Oud Rose Intense - Ms Tantrum Blog by Ashh
Maison Francis Kurkdjian - L'homme A la Rose - Ms tantrum Blog by Ashh

Maison Francis Kurkdjian L’Homme À La Rose – This is an interesting floral with a fresh and green character taking a sensual woody turn at the dry down. The fragrance opens with very fresh, green, and uplifting notes with grapefruit accord and the essence of Damask Rose from Bulgaria that together creates a sensation of natural vitality. This is followed by middle notes of a rosy and woody accord which adds verticality to the composition. The dry down is woody and sensual with base notes of amber which makes it perfect for the cold evenings too. The fragrance has a moderate sillage and lasts considerably well on both skin and clothes. This unisex Rose fragrance is an instant hit among men.

Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme Extrait Cologne – The soft rose scent of the unisex perfume Rose Anonyme Extrait by Atelier Cologne makes your soul smile the moment you smell it. Among the main ingredients of this floral fragrance are rose from Bulgaria, bergamot from Italy, and patchouli from Indonesia, combining sparkly exotic and Mediterranean olfactory notes. This rose from Atelier Cologne will make you feel like a Queen of flowers.

Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme Extrait de Cologne - Ms Tantrum Blog by Ashh
Parfums de Marly, Tom Daxon Crushing Bloom - Ms Tantrum Blog by Ashh

Tom Daxon Crushing Bloom – This floral woody musk fragrance is a bouquet of flowers rich in decadent rose and lily of the valley. This is the brand’s first floral fragrance. Tom Daxon describes this as a rose fragrance with darkness and weight but I can see myself pulling this off even in the warm weather. Green, spicy top notes partner a floral heart of rose, jasmine sambac, and iris. At its base, fine musks produce a silky feel, like running petals through your fingers. Though heavy on rose, this is a sparkly, happy fragrance and not that conventional rose. Lily of the valley and musk are prominent. It is classy and very lady-like! If you’re scared of a rose fragrance, this contemporary option is sure to win your heart.

Parfums de Marly Delina – When it comes to rose fragrances, Delina has been a popular choice for many! It has a young, modern, and fresh fruity-floral composition and makes a great choice for date night or special occasions. It is a fabulous signature fragrance for a modern, self-confident woman. As it is a bit sweet and woody along with floral, I would easily take it from summer to winter and enjoy it throughout the year!

Byredo Rose of No Man’s Land – This tender, delicate rose opens up so fresh like dew drops on petals. It is supported by some spices and fruity notes. This fragrance dries down warm and woodsy – a bit creamy and addictive in my opinion. Comparing to other Byredo fragrances, this one has an impressive performance in terms of longevity. The sillage is small but it lasts for hours. This fresh, light, watery rose is a great choice for spring and summer.

Mancera Roses Vanille – If you like sweet fragrances, this sugary rose with a warmth of vanilla and a bit of muskiness will appeal to your nose. As long as you do not go heavy-handed with Roses Vanille, you will find it comforting. The sillage is so intoxicating and sexy. It is deep and intense but not cloying. Gourmand lovers will love Roses Vanille.

Until next time, Ashh xo

*This post includes press samples. Opinions are my own and unbiased.


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