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Ladies and Gentlemen, Commodity Fragrances has returned to the fragrance world, and this time with the concept of Scent Space! Scent Space is essentially control over the projection and intensity of a fragrance. That means you can now decide if you want a certain fragrance to have a closed bubble or stay in your personal space or have a decent projection with an expressive scent. You may even choose your scent to fill the room with bold fragrance. Every fragrance from Commodity comes in three different scent spaces which I think is really cool and robust. It really distinguishes this contemporary fragrance house from any other brand in the industry. Fragrances in the Personal Scent space will sit close to the skin. Fragrances in the Expressive scent space are balanced in terms of projection and longevity while fragrances from the Bold scent space will make a statement.

While Commodity Fragrances brought some other their original fragrances back with personal, expressive, and bold scent space, the house also released two new fragrances. Milk is one of the newer blends from Commodity and is certainly one of the best. Milk from Bold Scent Space really took my attention. According to Commodity, there’s no modesty when it comes to Commodity’s Bold fragrances, and rightfully so. Bold Collection is infused with exotic notes and is amplified renditions of their ‘Expressive’ counterpart.

Milk+ from Commodity Fragrances is an Amber woody fragrance with a DNA of Milk Expressive but on steroids. Milk+ is designed for those who intend on making their presence known with the amplified lactonic and woody notes. It is smoky, comforting, slightly creamy, and sweet.

Top Notes: Skin musk, Cashmere woods

Heart Notes: Tonka, Marshmallow

Base Notes: Amber, Firewood Accord

Milk’s warm notes of Skin Musk, Tonka Bean and Mahogany Wood emblazoned with the unexpected smoky depth of Firewood and Amber. A smoky, sweet, and inviting scent to be worn with confidence.Commodity

This is like dense sweet milk that you may find in a milky dessert e.g. cold rice pudding with some almonds shredded on top. It is soothing, creamy, and very comforting to the senses.

Performance: Milk+ has an enormous sillage and projects well off my skin. The longevity is impressive with 6+ hours on my skin and even more on my clothes.

Final thoughts: Milk is a beautiful creamy, woody musk fragrance that is comforting to the senses. Milk+ took it to another level with a smokey element to it. The firewood accord along with tonka bean adds an interesting twist to this lactonic scent. It is sweet, creamy, dense, powdery, and woody. It smells elegant and sophisticated for both men and women. Milk+ not only will uplift your mood but will also make people around you feel good.

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*This post features a press sample. Opinions are my own and unbiased.


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