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I have not done favourites post for many months now so thought of including some most reached for products in today’s post. I have also included couple of Netflix series as I am currently into watching Netflix a lot. The post is not about monthly favourites..its mainly some lovely products that have got fixed spot in my routine this year.

Yardley London brought out 5 new fine floral fragrances inspired by the beauty of Jewels recently and these are worth checking out. The collection includes sparkling scents of Daisy Sapphire, Rosie Ruby, Poppy Diamond, Lilac Amethyst and Flora Jade which are elegantly housed in a show-stopping glass-art style deco style facon. These fragrances represent different personalities – for e.g. Poppy Diamond is for confident, strong & powerful women.

Poppy Diamond is a sophisticated, sparkling and uplifting sheer floral fragrance representing the brilliance and magnetism of the diamond.

Top notes

Pear, Bergamot

Heart Notes

Honey, Rose, Peony & Lily

Base Notes

Cedar Wood, Sandalwood and Vanilla

The fragrance is created by prominent perfumer Juliette Karagueuzoglu. Honestly I didn’t expect much from this fragrance as Yardley is the brand that used to be popular amongst old age women. I remember my Mother-in-Law (in India) asked me to buy Yardley products for her back in 2010. And thats because my Grandfather-in-law bought few Yardley products for both my Grandmother-in-Law and my Mother-in-Law when he visited London from India back in the 80s.

Trust me, I was pleasantly surprised when I sniffed this fragrance. The composition of this fragrance has a fresh and attractive feel to it. It is very modern and has magnetic vibes. Yardley has upped their fragrance game with this collection. I highly recommend checking these out.

If you are a balm cleanser lover like me or if you feel that the oil cleansers can feel heavy on skin and often leave residue, you would like this best of both worlds cleanser. Frances Prescott (renowned makeup artist and facialist) brought this one revolutionary emulsifying cleanser balm that comes in a stick form and does it all. This luxurious balm cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes all in one step. When used in morning, it is used as an emulsifying cleanser or in the evening as a makeup remover. Just stroke on palms or swipe directly on to the face then massage and it will melt all your makeup including heavy foundation or waterproof mascara. As its an oil based cleanser, it does not strip the skin and rather moisturises it. This can also be used as an overnight moisturising mask for a lovely exfoliating action (thanks to pumpkin enzymes, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid) and to get skin juicy and baby soft in the morning. This spill-proof balm has become a true travel companion saving huge space for 3 products.

Cover Fx recently entered colour cosmetics with the Shimmer Veils which are crease-proof and weightless shimmering creme colours for a high-impact finish on eyes, lips, cheekbones and beyond. The shimmer veils are available in 6 shades and I have got 2 shades – Halo which is a holographic, multi-dimensional shimmer and Soleil which is a shimmering peachy pink. Swatches are on Beauty Highlights section of my InstagramThese are available at SpaceNK, Selfridges, Beauty Bay, Fabled & Cult Beauty.

Beauty & Lifestyle Faves - COver Fx, Too Faced, Yardley, SVR Labs, Klairs, Tri Balm, Sensse Beauty, Brushworks

Just few days before I was leaving for my holiday last month, l was sent some of the SVR Labs’ (French Pharmacy products new to the UK) Micellar water to try. This is the most concentrated dermatological brand and was created by a Pharmacist in 1962. There are 3 variations of these mIcellar water – Sensifine AR, Physiopure and Sebiaclear. Sensifine AR has moisturizing agent + Niacinamide which soothes any redness and cleanses the skin. This removes all makeup including waterproof makeup. This is great for skin prone to redness. Physiopure has oxygenating magnesium and is very pure and mild. This is great for sensitive skin and even for eye area. Sebiaclear is purifying and mattifying cleansing water that has Gluconolactone and is great for oily, problematic and sensitive skin.

If you are a skincare lover, you would know how important is Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) for our skin’s health. The antioxidant properties and its role in collagen synthesis are few of them. I was lucky enough to receive Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drops via Wishtrend few months ago. This product contains stabilized 5% Ascorbic Acid aka Vitamin C and is a unique and effective serum formulated with pure Vit C. The texture is slippery like glycerine and may not be best for oily skin types. I have dry skin and it works beautifully on mine.

Klairs claims that this serum mildly improves skin tone and texture without harsh irritation. I did see improvement in skin tone but not so much with the texture. The skin is rejuvenated and appears brighter. The serum is great for anyone who doesn’t need heavy treatments and is just looking to brighten their dull skin.

This brush set combines four mini face brushes – Multi-Tasking Brush , Mini Powder Brush, Mini Concealer Brush, Mini Eye Shading Brush. The brushes are fitted with soft, synthetic taklon bristles and can be used with both liquid and powder formulas. Each brush has a precision shaped handle for improved control during application. These brushes provide airbrushed finish to the complexion and makeup looks flawless. I took these to my trip abroad (in March & April) and used these every single day for 3 weeks. Trust me, these have now become essential for me specially for travel!

Another amazing find from Brushworks is the HD combination tweezers set that got me covered if I had to tweeze my brows or to apply lashes. Each tweezer features a slanted, straight or pointed tip for targeting specific brow/skin concerns such as loose strays or painful splinters. The Set Contains:

Slanted Tweezer – Perfect for tidying up stray hairs on larger areas.
Straight Tweezer – Perfect for holding false eyelashes in place and applying delicate nail art.
Slanted Point Tweezer – A multi-purpose tweezer for tidying and grooming your arches.
Pointed Tweezer – A precision tweezer ideal for ingrown hairs and removing splinters.

I like glitter on my eyes but it can be really messy at times specially when you try to remove it. Thanks to the glitter pop peel-off eye liner by Too Faced. This has a glue and glitter mixed together and has fine brush applicator that allows you to use it as a liner. I even use this liner all over the lid over my regular eyeshadow. It has no longer made glitter application easy and smooth but the removal is quick and mess-proof as well. Just peel it off and voila!

This bronzer features four blendable shades to define, highlight and sculpt for a radiant complexion and soft, flawless look. The bronzer is infused with peach and sweet fig cream so it smells as good as it looks. It has a perfect blend of blush, bronzer, and highlighter to create universal warmth. It not only looks beautiful in the pan but also looks amazing on the skin.

This copper/rose gold finish Facial roller not only just looks pretty on the skincare shelf, in the photos but also works wonders on the skin. The roller is great for a mini face workout at the comfort of my own home. This massager is uniquely designed at a 70 degree angle to perfectly fit the contour of your face that glides on the skin for a younger, healthier look. By massaging the facial muscles with the roller, it promotes blood circulation and helps stimulate collagen production to strengthen skin elasticity. I took it along to my trip abroad and enjoyed using it whenever I had an extra minute. This little device can also be used on neck, arms, legs, back, chest, feet, and shoulders to promote blood circulation. Its an absolute must have!

  • Netflix Series

I have been loving Touch which is a series about Jake – An Autistic boy with a gift of spotting number patterns appears to be able to predict future events, despite not being able to speak. He is able to connect to certain patterns and events so feels pain if the events are not the way they should be. His father understands him and tries to fix things in everyone’s life where the boy Jake points him. This gives happiness to both Father and Child whenever they are able to solve a case.

I had ordered Priligy online through and can only report positive. After about half an hour, we started the sexual intercourse and I could last much longer than usual.

Currently I’m watching How to get away with Murder which is about Brilliant criminal defense attorney and law professor Annalise Keating, plus five of her students, who become involved in a twisted murder case of Annalise’s husband.

Have you tried any of the products above? What do you think about Netflix series I mentioned? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time

Ash xo

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