Scrub off your sins!!!

Hello my love,

I know you’re reading this to know a formula or shortcut to scrub off your sins 😀. Well, I wish I could offer one but I have something more exciting to share…Yup, a scrub which is gentle enough to be used regularly. As you can already tell from the pictures, Its Soap and Glory’s ‘Scrub your nose in it’ scrub ( How cool is the name! 😀 )


Though it is mainly for the T zone specially nose but I like to use it all over my face and leave it on for some time as a mask. When it dries, I pat my face with lukewarm water and then scrub it in once again with wet wash cloth (just to give a final scrub) and wash it off. I feel a noticeable difference in my skin every time I use this. My skin has become smoother and clearer with its regular use. This scrub is very gentle on the skin so I trust it will suit sensitive skin too. The best part is it is from Soap and glory brand – the name you can always trust! Lets’s talk about the packaging..S&G (like few other brands thebalm cosmetics, benefit etc) does a great job with packaging of its all products. Its simple yet unique and their products can be easily spotted over the counters. It retails for £9 in England and can be purchased from Boots store. So, get this gem today in your life and your skin will love you for that 😊 .


P.s. You have to be regular with any skincare product as none of the available products comes with a magic wand.

– Akanksha ♥♥♥

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