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Soin Sublimateur Eye Gel Cream | Eisenberg Paris

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen the eye gel cream by Eisenberg Paris on my Instastories specially in Evening skincare routines. I am not so new to the brand as I loved using their Body contour serum (Classique body serum to treat cellulite) that I got few months ago. You may read about some of the Eisenberg Paris products here.

In case you haven’t heard about the brand, Eisenberg Paris is a luxury skin-care, fragrance and make-up brand founded by José Eisenberg in 2000. The company is known for the use of the Trio-Molecular Formula in its skin care products, and for its L’Art du Parfum concept.

Eisenberg Soin Sublimateur Eye gel cream - Ms Tantrum Blog

I have been using the Eisenberg Soin Sublimateur Eye Gel Cream for few weeks now and wanted to share my initial thoughts here. This highly performing cream-gel treats the eye contour and delivers a feeling of freshness and comfort from the first application. The Trio-Molecular® Formula combined with anti-ageing Peptides immediately makes the skin’s texture smoother and denser, while a targeted draining complex, composed of a Tetrapeptide and Faex extract, visibly reduces dark circles and puffiness.


The gel cream comes in an air tight pump packaging. The plastic bottle is matte silver with heavy shiny chrome silver heavy lid. The bottle is housed in a silver card box which also looks luxurious. I really appreciate air tight pump packaging in this product because actives and ingredients like peptides, antioxidants and retinol formulas in anti-ageing requires closed air tight dark packaging or packaging that is not clear to keep the formulas active and stable for long time.

Eisenberg Soin Sublimateur Eye gel cream - Ms Tantrum Blog

Eisenberg Soin Sublimateur Eye gel cream - Ms Tantrum Blog

Key Ingredients

  • TetraPeptides

This ingredient acts in synergy with two complementary active ingredients for comprehensive action on puffiness. It reduces puffiness and efficiently fights edema caused by water retention.

  • Anti-age Peptides

They stimulate cohesion between the epidermis and the dermis, improve skin’s firmness and elasticity and stimulate cell renewal and collagen synthesis. Smoother skin and fewer wrinkles!

  • Caffeine

Caffeine is present in the seeds, leaves and fruit of various plants such as coffee, tea (Camelia Sinensis), cacao (Theobroma Cacao), guarana (Paullinia Cupana), cola (Cola Acuminata) and maté (Ilex Paraguariensis). Through its lipolytic action on adipose cells and effect on glucose transport, it detoxifies tissues and reduces puffiness and residues of fat, improving the skin’s surface.

Eisenberg Soin Sublimateur Eye gel cream - Ms Tantrum Blog

How to Use

Morning and/or evening, apply to a perfectly cleansed eye contour, massaging gently and patting. Excellent make-up base.


  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles with regular use
  • Diminishes dark circles
  • Gets rid of puffiness

Eisenberg Soin Sublimateur eye gel cream is now available in the UK via Notino.

Overall thoughts

After using this luxurious eye gel cream for few weeks, I can certainly say that the cream visibly reduces puffiness and tightens the skin under eyes impressively. I really like how it works as a good base for makeup too. Any anti-ageing product that can be used in both morning as well as evening and can work great under makeup too is a winner in my books. I like this eye cream and will continue using this in my skincare routines.


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  1. I totally needed a cream to repair the dark circles damage left by my insomnia. This sounds promising.

  2. Scott Dale says:

    Beautiful photos as always 💖👌. I am hearing about this brand for the first time so I will check out your previous post where you featured more products. On other note, I have puffy eyes too. I will have a look at this eye gel.

  3. Caffeine is undoubtedly the best ingredient for getting rid of dark circles. Would love to try this.

  4. Sounds interesting! Will order this product soon

  5. Renji Anooj says:

    thats an impressive eye cream!! love the clicks Ash <3

  6. Claire Middleton says:

    Your photos are so pretty..they should be in magazines. I like the sound of this luxurious eye cream.

  7. I always love products made from natural ingredients and it is fragrance-free. Love this one will definitely try..

  8. jenniferpickering22gmailcom says:

    It sounds really nice! I should try it!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  9. What a boon for me, as I love indulging in eye creams. I guess, we all tend to neglect the under eye area a lot 😔 Great review 👍🏻

  10. Packaging is so beautiful. I need to use this eye cream a lot of dark circles and puffy eye make me look horrible.

  11. I believe with the age of 30, near middle age crisis will start. One should start taking care of her body and skin asap. I am using an under eye cream, but will give it a try too.If it works good then I will continue

  12. Amazing Soin Sublimateur Eye Gel Cream. The packaging of eye gel cream is so perfect. I will definitely try this. Great thoughts.

  13. Wow totally a new brand for me. I must say your photos are just amazing Ash. Caffeine is super effective. I am going to get it for my puffy eyes

  14. Monica says:

    Most eye creams dont work for me… If this reduces puffiness and tightens the under eye area, it is definitely a great product

  15. I so need to try an eye cream for puffiness! The product looks so attractive through your pics! I feel like trying this out.

  16. I like the bottle packaging and your pictures are so so good

  17. I am a night Bibliophile and that comes with a set of disadvantages. First of all is the puffiness and then come the dark circles. Of course the redness of the eyes can’t be dealt with by this cream but at least the first two problems are tackled well.

  18. It sure looks like a great skincare!

  19. The product packaging has a certain amount of subtle luxury oozing out of it, the fact that it works wonders for the eyes makes it a must buy.

  20. i am currently looking for an eye cream that will help with puffiness but wont be greasy for my skin – i keep breaking out! This looks so good, have to search for it now.

  21. Soin Sublimateur Eye Gel Cream sounds great. Looks like one stop solution for all problems of eyes like dark circles, puffiness etc

  22. I love the packaging of the product. If it really works on fine lines and dark circles then I need to get it soon as my skin has started seeing signs of ageing.

  23. I am currently obesessed with finding new, fabulous eye creams. Lol I’ll have to give this on a try.

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