Shavata Day-Long Brow Tint - New Launch | Ms Tantrum Blog

Tint your brows at home | New Launch from Shavata Studio

If you are someone who love good brows, you would probably know about the multi award winning Brow Specialist Shavata Singh who has Brow studios all over UK. She also does brows for many Celebrities so if you don’t know her yet, you really should :). Her Brow Studio has received many beauty awards and been featured in top publications for its services. Shavata also created some amazing Brow products that help in regular maintenance of brows at home.

Shavata Day-Long Brow Tint - New Launch | Ms Tantrum Blog
Shavata Day-Long Brow Tint - New Launch | Ms Tantrum Blog

I got my hands on the NEW brow product – Day-Long Brow Tint which is absolutely revolutionary and saves me so much time defining my brows.

Define your Brows: Create sleeker, fuller looking brows with the Shavata Day-Long Brow Tint

What is Shavata Day-Long Brow Tint?

This is a revolutionary brow tinting pen that glides easily over each brow hair, instantly colouring and defining them without staining the skin.

Shavata Day-Long Brow Tint - New Launch | Ms Tantrum Blog
Shavata Day-Long Brow Tint - New Launch | Ms Tantrum Blog

The Day-Long Brow tint comes in a shape of a pen with a genius applicator. It comes in two shades – Dawn & Dusk, making it perfect for all hair colours and hair types.

The best part is you will get natural finish with this one every single time and tint will last all day. The unique applicator has got you covered for in between brow tinting appointment days and is also perfect to tint fair, fine and grey hairs.

How to use?

This pen is easy to use and is not messy unlike some brow products in the market. Gently sweep this tinting pen over your brows for instant wow-brow colour. Ensure that you glide over each hair, including the fairest and finest, to achieve a richer and more defined looking brows. Voila! You will have perfect looking rich brows that will look natural too.

You may also see this in action on my IGTV

Please note: This product can not be tested at the back of your hand. It will only apply to hair.


Shavata Day-Long Brow Tint comes in 2 shades – Dusk & Dawn for £19 each and contains 1.5 gms of product. These are available across all her stores nationwide and online.

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  1. jenniferpickering22gmailcom says:

    I really want to try this! It sounds great!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. All want to have good brows and look good always. Having this Shavata Day-Long Brow Tint, will definitely be easy to use and carry when required.

  3. Shavata brow looks really good. Would love to try it soon. Looks natural product.

  4. I recently started using brow tint..i loved the applicator ..definitely looks non messy and easy to apply

  5. Oh wow! I have never tried this but now I’m excited to! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Stuart Brazell says:

    This is really cool and I’m terrible at stuff like this but it seems like something I could do

  7. I would love to try this product. I did microblading and never again! This product seems amazing and would be a good replacement for a painful procedure.

  8. This seems to be an amazing product. My sister has always issues with her brows, I am going to forward this to her . Thanks for sharing

  9. Ritu Kalra says:

    You always come up with amazing beauty products..this one has an applicator which is the best part..loved it .

  10. Woow that make a huge difference on your eyebrows. Loving it, it is so beauty saviour

  11. Wow this Shavata Day-Long Brow Tint looks like a perfect product.Will try

  12. Amrita says:

    Tinting bow cream in this pen like format is much easier than a brush. The colour looks very well matched. Loved the video. Very useful product.

  13. Was not aware about Shavata Singh and the work she has been doing in brow styling. The Shavata Day-long brow tinting pen indeed sounds revolutionary and a convenient product to have.

  14. Wow! Brow tinting at home! That’s amazing! The difference in your before and after pics is totally evident! I need to try this!

  15. I seem to have lesser eyebrow hair and that’s something I noticed just recenty. Definitely buying one of these brow tints hoping it helps.

  16. I really love the applicator… . This ultimate brow tint will give you a natural finish that lasts all day!

  17. this looks real good! The mere fact that it doesnt tint the skin is a big win! Id love to try this out.

  18. The brow tint definitely has all features worth try for. The long lasting feature and easy to apply makes it a must have

  19. This product looks amazing. Having light eyebrows, i m searching for tints, would love to try soon.

  20. thefashionableaccountant says:

    This sounds awesome esp since I have light brows and fill them in every day!! Xo, Nikki

  21. Awesome … I wanna try it too … thanks 🤗😙

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